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Anime Favorites

Some of my favorite anime as a whole. Top-quality in story, characters, comedy, or for other reasons.

Annoying and/or Stupid Characters

This characters are irredeemable in my sight. I do not like any of them. More often than not, they actually hamper the story/other characters rather than helping it/them.

Good Characters

"Good" as in character composition, not just moral behavior. These are some of my favorite characters in anime.


Series that can be considered moe by any stretch of the imagination. Some series are true-blue moe anime, while others can win you over with their cuteness.

Moe Characters

Either from moe-type anime or just moe characters in an anime of any type, these characters are moe in some sense. Not surprisingly, I am playing my favorites here; moe is subjective.

Top Mysterious Characters

I really like characters we relatively DON'T know much about. Often this can be a character stereotype, though sometimes there are personas that are intentionally vague for story reasons. Some of these characters give off a...