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    How's it going? I'm SOLSupporter, a devoted anime viewer. Don't get me wrong, I like fantasy/adventure/shounen/whatever every once in a while, but my favorite is the Slice of Life genre. Moe and cute titles are also a favorite. Titles like Nichijou, Working!!, and Servant x Service are some of my all-time favorites. I also love ecchi series that don't get enough love.
    I enjoy writing reviews and evaluating anime I have seen. For reviews, I typically do not have spoilers in them, unless I feel like I have to include some spoilers to evaluate throughly. Either way, reviews are always marked with if they have spoilers or not. And for my lists, please check them out! I always write descriptions for my anime and character lists, so I would love to hear what you have to say in the comments. In the lists, I frequently add more characters/animes, so don't expect the lists to stay the same; check back later for more! 
    Please be aware that my opinion might not align with yours if you like certain kinds of anime more than others. I am no wimp; I will take your criticism, and actually I would encourage it. So, if you don't agree with what I said, feel free to post your thoughts and I will take it for what you think on the matter. In other words, I am open to plenty of ideas and am willing to accept yours; I'm pretty easygoing ;) .


      Thanks for checking out my profile!

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sothis Jul 17, 2020

Hiya! Just dropping a quick note about a change to our featured custom list process. Ages ago we gave a handful of users the ability to self-feature lists, but now we have a more streamlined group of mods helping feature the lists, so for any new ones just drop a note in the thread and the lists can get quickly featured :) 

JinKobayashiHearMe Aug 13, 2016

I agree absolutely. Harima was horribly wronged. I am fighting hard to get the attention of Kobayashi and let him know how many people feel this way. I appreciate your support, my friend.

JinKobayashiHearMe Aug 10, 2016

Thank you for following :) Please check me out on youtube and subscribe if you dont mind.

Xib16 Aug 6, 2016

Thank you!!  It means a lot. 😊

Sireneth Jul 25, 2016

You're welcome !

Thank you for following :P I followed you back ^^ 

Im so glad to hear that ! So if you would ever need some help with the site, need recommendations or just want to chat, then feel free to talk to me anytime :D I'd be glad to hear from you !