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Anime that aired in Romania / Anime-uri difuzate in Romania

All the anime that has been broadcasted in Romania so far. (cable TV only) /// there might be some errors and mistakes, so please notify me so i can fix it. RO: Anime-uri difuzate in Romania

Anime that is a product of its time

A list of shows that are kinda stuck in the past. These shows are either following very dated societal norms/gender roles, are full of questionable content/jokes, or have various sensitive topics (e.g transphobia/homophobia.)

Characters with Antlers

This list is only for humanoid characters that have antlers. Antlers are extensions of an animal's skull that are typically branched, usually found in members of the deer family, but also fantasy dragons or even jackalopes. (it...

Characters with Bell Accessories

These characters can be seen wearing bells as accessories.

Characters with Bobble Hair Ties

Usually a ball shaped accessory made out of plastic, wood or wool (like pom-poms).