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Broken Mess Glory brought to you by McDonalds. Ba da ba ba baa, This game is a unfun broken mess. (Actual McDonalds product placement included).

Remember how Glory was a MMO/ARPG/MOBA hybrid? Joke's on you, it's actually a fighting game now.

There is no way there would be Hologram tech this advanced and complex, but no VR games you play with your mind/brain. In a supposed near future China.

A professional player chooses random audience members as opponents as part of a planned event? Get the frick out of here! And no way a professional league, that has limited time and money invested into a event would let to players have repeated re-matches.


Just what we needed, fixed e-sport matches...

They learned nothing.

Ye Xiu is still Chinese Kirito, just stands there and attacks don't hit him.

Author still hasn't researched game dev or played games.

Worst clapping in animation history? Yes.

Emotionless voice acting? Yes.

Why 'Glory' still doesn't work and is not fun or "Inconsistencies and broken systems":

  • Instant movement like that in a first person game would never get past the testing.

  • Apparently you can just adjust your skill points while fighting in a match, official tournament even.

  • The game is obviously not balanced.

  • Flying and running away like that would not work in first person, maybe in VR of the future, but not mouse and keyboard.

  • The fire bomb was BS, never before was such an item mentioned and the magic system is broken.

  • Why/how are player avatars sweating in a non VR game?
  • The show just pulls skills/moves out of it's butt to suit the EXACT current situation.
  • Why did the girl avatar put on glasses before the climb race?
  • How are avatars holding hands and helping each other up?
  • How was the dragon remote controlled?
4/10 story
6/10 animation
5/10 sound
4/10 characters
5/10 overall

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Almost May 7, 2018

I agree that the actions they perform would not be possible with mouse and keyboard, and that the game would not be fun in the first person.

The skills are exaggerated to make the animation exciting, but the story is pretty consistent about which skills each class has available. The classes and skills are based on a real game called Dungeon Fighter online.

The all-stars event is meant to entertain rather than to be supercompetitive, so letting some random fans interact with pro players is an incentive for people to attend and can entertain in a different way.