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Here so that the negative reviews dont get the top spot.

IK that the nature of the mc is quite controversial and normally i would have quit a show right away if it promoted pedo stuff and all.

But lets talk about this season first. When we talk about animations it doesn't get any better than this, one of the best world building experience and the world itself is so great, damn I cant get enough about it.

A lot of work has gone into the animation and story telling, which you can clearly see.

So lets address the elephant in the Room, that's the mc and his pedo tendencies. I think that's it really F**ed up. Many people don't know but in season one when the mc was thrown out of the house while watching p*rn he was actually watching his nieces in the LN.

IDK what the anime shows but it has done a lot to reduce these scenes, but yes they do exist and im still bitter about it on how it spoilt such a great show which obviously will get a lot of love and a huge amount of traction but again the negatives will creep in

Now about the season, its been great so far(8+) the story telling has been great, they have not rushed the episodes like in many isekai which hope to build hype for the new manga or LN, but no so in this case which shows that they r in it for the long haul and im expecting many more episodes to come. The fights scenes have been great, the emotional episodes have also been great.

Now i would have given it 9.5 out of 10 but it pains to see such a great show being spoilt by pedo tendencies so im reducing it to 8.


10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
6/10 characters
8/10 overall

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Sajonji Nov 23, 2021

Take my like and positivity. We musn't let the hate win :)
Writing a 1/10 review just for the sake of hating on MC and disregarding animation, sound and everything else shouldn't even be allowed imo.
Regarding the MC: if some people weren't very ranty & vocal about his tendencies prior to reincarnation in the LN, i wouldn't even know about that stuff since it wasn't even in the anime. I really don't get why some people find it OK to aggressively attack anime-only watchers for literally not knowing about stuff that was never shown in the anime (this happened in season 1 discussion in the forum). 

PommesKrake Nov 23, 2021

I really respect it that you do an actual review and even give it a pretty good rating even though the MC bothers you. Didn't know about that thing with his nieces... that's... not ok. I still kinda like him as a character though and I see no problems with liking him (One of the most loved characters on the site is Light Yagami, a manipulative mass murder with god complex, why should a pedophile be more questionable?) but that definitely shifted my view on him a bit.