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Synopsis: In a time of technological growth, historical texts and events speak of glory and vast discoveries.  Shiro, a cadet in an underground organization known as the Royal Space Force, ponders about his role in the universe in comparison to the texts of long ago.  Shiro’s grueling lifestyle forces him to be unattached to the world he lives in.  But one day, he meets a struggling young woman, who advocates the word of God, and Shiro becomes inspired to fulfill his purpose in life of becoming an astronaut.  His dream of obtaining the glory of the first man in space pushes him to his limits.  But obstacles threaten Shiro’s goals as well as his own life.  To soar beyond the sky and enter an unknown realm tests Shiro’s gumption and his hope for humanity.

Story (10.0) I’ve only known about this film based on the trailer I saw long ago when I first watched Ninja Scroll from Manga Entertainment.  At the time, I dismissed the movie, since I was new to anime.  But I’m glad I managed to locate a copy Royal Space Force: Wings of Honneamise.  The movie tells a tale that engages viewers into the setting when reaching the stars was only a fantasy.  Anime fans appreciate the title more when comparing technology of today and the narrating viewpoint of the past that the protagonist’s relays.

Royal Space Force: Wings of Honneamise’s centralization on Shiro allows fans to see a character develop into a man that knows his true calling.  Many people struggle to discover the reason for existence, but Shiro’s placement in a low economical society serves as a test for him.  When he decides to accept the position of becoming an astronaut, his friends do not agree. His friends recall the events of the previous rocket launches that ended in failure.  I think it is refreshing to see the possibility of failure that this anime projects as people often fantasize about fame rather than the risks.  Shiro’s thoughts of reaching the stars compliments the wartime setting that demonstrates the harshness that reality often presents.  The film’s theme of pursuing a person’s passion and seeing it to completion drives the viewer to empathize with Shiro.

Animation (10.0) The film’s conversion into Blu-Ray format compliments the artists’ vision of creating a masterpiece that speaks to the world through real-time events.  The crispness of cell shading and the environment shows the research and dedication of the artists’ skills.  The detail of rockets launching demonstrate the precision and effort of the production team.  There are a few moments where the Blu-Ray format shows the age of the movie when the background is black and white specs appears like an old film reel.  But I think it adds to Royal Space Force: Wings of Honneamise’s charm.

Sound (9.8) The Dolby Digital output adds a nice touch.  The film’s presentation becomes enhanced through the clarity of the vocals and the fantastic music.  The music in the two-hour film comprises of wind instruments, reinforcing the whimsical notion that a viewer might experience upon watching the anime.

Characters (9.7) Shiro’s role communicates the underlying themes of self-discovery and change.  Shiro’s appearance of a lazy cadet in the beginning serves as a starting point for his evolution into a character that knows his place in the world.  The protagonist’s ideals conflict with the war and the social poverty that occurs around him, yet he seeks to better himself and the world by becoming an astronaut.  Shiro’s interaction with the world emphasizes his desire to change the world and end violence.

Overall (10.0) A stunning film!  Royal Space Force: Wings of Honneamise is a movie that all anime fans must watch.  The trailer from the Ninja Scroll spoke of the film in high regard, which I agree with.  Some fans might find the ending skeptical, but the anime’s portrayal of a man following his dream, while struggling with social poverty, enlightens viewers by allowing an interpersonal connection with Shiro.  Shiro’s journey resembles the feeling of being free by finding one’s place in the vastness of space.

10/10 story
10/10 animation
9.8/10 sound
9.7/10 characters
10/10 overall
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