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What?! No manga ratings?

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iiRuru Oct 4, 2015

Oh, it's fine don't worry. ^_^

Hmm, well my current favourite would have to be 'Mekakucity Actors', and I also like Fairy Tail and Death Note.

Who's your favourite character from Fairy Tail?

Sianeka May 27, 2015

Ryokyn says... Thanks. Sorry I haven't been on lately. Work had finally decided to give me more hours to work so I haven't been able to get on much

Oh I totally, totally understand how RL can get in the way of things we want to do! I am soooo sorry for the late response replying back to your last comment to me.  I just got a new laptop (my first!) as an early birthday present - my birthday's not until July - and I've been playing with it - setup, getting all my programs loaded onto it, learning the new operating system (Win 8) plus had some RL time constraints and with everything happening, I just haven't been on a-p as much as usual and not responding to my comments as quickly as I usually do. :(

My bad, totally.

Cause I love my comment conversations!  Am so very sorry I've neglected them for this past week and a half, and especially sorry I hadn't gotten back to you sooner.  

Sianeka Mar 28, 2015

Hi and welcome to a-p!!  Hope you have fun here. ^_^

cellolvr9819 Mar 12, 2015

Hello and welcome to A-P! I hope you enjoy your time here ^-^

VampGirl Mar 12, 2015

Welcome to Anime-Planet! I hope you stick around for a while and enjoy your stay. ^-^

I would love to hear your favorite anime top 10 :D