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FullmetalDragon Mar 12, 2018

Yeah, I can see it now! Omg, it's so annoying when you find an anime that seems perfect for you, then sucks. Makes me so sad T_T Yeah, dubs, or at least English dubs, are consistently a lot worse than subs. Honestly, I don't think I've ever come across bad voice acting in subs (unless you count Engrish, but that's just hilarious more than anything), so it's a real shame you can't watch them. 

Er, never seen it tbh XD

Omg, I love FMA! (obviously. I assume you probably had already figured that out :P) Ah, I haven't seen the live action yet, I really should get around to it. I know it's probably shit, but the adverts looked okish. To be fair, literally everything is better than the Death Note adaptation. I don't even know why they bothered, they basically changed everything about it apart from the death note itself and how weird Ryuk is. 

Ok, I'll try my best! I'm so sorry if they aren't dubbed, I don't really pay attention to which ones are and which ones aren't. 

Actually, I'll start with one I'd only ever recommend in dub. Ghost Stories has literally the best dub ever, and frankly anyone who says otherwise hasn't seen it :P It's basically a gag dub, only it's the official dub. Takes a few episodes to warm up, but after that, all hell breaks loose. 

Soul Eater is a pretty cute shounen series with some fun characters. Actually, I've only read the manga for this series, and I know it has an anime only ending, so I can't really talk about the second half, but I can definitely vouch for the first half! I would be very surprised if this didn't have a dub tbh, what with how popular it is. 

Blue Exorcist is another great series, with some great characters. Actually, I know for a fact this is dubbed, since I watched it dubbed (ahh, good times) 

If you want any others, just ask!

FullmetalDragon Mar 9, 2018

No worries! Ah, not quite, I run the welcoming committee, but running the site is up to sothis :P

Ohh, a challenge! I must say, I don't really watch that much in the way of supernatural anime (she says, with with 116 of them on her list...) I mean, by that, would Japanese occult count? Because I watch a crap tonne of those. In the mean time, watch Tasogare Otome x Amnesia. That's a fab anime. 

Yeah, your anime list is public, but currently there's only one anime on it, so that doesn't really tell me much about what you like :P 

Good good, I'd be worried if you did like borderline pedophilic stuff (and actual pedophilic stuff. As much as I like anime, it really does go too far sometimes...) Aww, but cutesy stuff is great! It's so... cute! Sorry, don't worry about it, I'll try not to recommend anything too cute to you :P 

FullmetalDragon Mar 7, 2018

Hey! Welcome to Anime Planet! Hope you have a great time here :D

Here’s a super helpful document you might want to check out! It has the answers to a few questions you might have about the site, and probably a few others too! And if you have any other questions, or just want to chat, feel free to leave me a comment!