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DoodlebugFour Nov 14, 2017

Crap Show, but lol this dialogue XD

DoodlebugFour Nov 10, 2017

Reaction to this?

Also will be moving to new place and be unable to access the internet for awhile.

ScorpioVelvet Nov 10, 2017

Hey, man.

Thanks again for droppin' by.

Not all Americans are afraid to tell their real name, but I'll tell mines... The name is Chris. And yes, I'm still drawing time to time. I see, yet it takes lot of time & effort to draw but as you practice you'll get better but also have fun at the same time as I'd say. :)

Haven't heard of these titles before, any good? If so, feel free to recommend them to me. However, I'll be bit busy with the other ones I'm currently watching though.

Also thanks for checking out my art on my DeviantArt page, too. And wish you a good day.


- Chris

DoodlebugFour Nov 9, 2017

Can u survive 8 minutes of Asta XD

ScorpioVelvet Nov 9, 2017

Hey, man.

Thanks for stopping by, would be happy to discuss anime with you anytime. I also saw you like Attack On Titan, it's a huge favorite of mine yet very epic & life-changing experience. I love Mikasa, Eren, & Armin. Looks like you've got some nice taste in anime as well like both your ratings system & reasons on liking or disliking characters, too.

- ScorpioVelvet