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The Abandoned Empress

Aug 10, 2019

When I started reading this, I was fascinated with the art and the plot. I usually like reading manhwas with a strong female lead. That has goal set to achieve and not repeating a tragedy that had happened. Anyway. 

*SPOILER - Kinda*

As I continued reading it I was hoping that this manhwa would be different. That the FMC wouldn't fall in love AGAIN with her abuser even if he changed. But NO. She falls in love with him. I'm sick of those kind of manhwas. She was gifted with a second chance to not fall in love with him and become stronger to protect her loved ones, she was working hard to be strong and I admire that about her. 

Why do those manhwas have to repeat this thing? Why when the MC is granted another chance to not repeat the disaster that had happened, they fall again in love with the evil MC that had suddenly noticed her and started developing feeling for her. 

That art was fascinating, so are the characters personalities. But, I really hope that she will not end with  prince in the 3rd season. But, I know there's nothing that'll change that. 

5/10 story
9/10 art
4/10 characters
4/10 overall
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