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Hi Anime-Planet.  My name is Martin.


 I am very curious and enthusiast, I like to talk about anime, music, AMV, movies, books, games, history, mythology, science, paints, fan art, maps, food.

I like to think in the positive side of things. I always respond messages, it may take me days when I am busy.

I only follow the users with wich I have message exchange during time. I dont want to follow 100 users, and that my follow folder will become a hollow album of figurines. Follow an user to me, is to have a bond, talk about anime, music, characters... ask and receive questions, exchange recomendations.( and also is to have the best use for the Feed tool of this site)

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4/5 very good,  3/5 Approved, Good  2/5 Not approved. 1/5 Bad, I rarely will use this rate.

My Reviews: https://www.anime-planet.com/users/RvLohengramm/reviews/anime

Some Anime I like:

CDJapan : Your Lie in April Live-action Film out APR 12!When Marnie was There | Wiki | Anime Amino🐺🐺Wolf Children🐺🐺 | Wiki | Anime, Manga y Juegos de Japón Aminoemma The Victorian romance | Wiki | Anime AminoOrange (オレンジ)Cowboy Bebop | Wiki | Anime Deluxe AminoLegend of the Galactic Heroes | Wiki | Anime AminoMonster | Wiki | •Anime• AminoBLOOD PLUS - Black Poster by TETSUYA-CORP | RedbubbleBriareos Hecatonchires | Wiki | Appleseed ex machina rp AminoDeath note | Wiki | •Anime• AminoErgo Proxy | Wiki | Anime AminoFull metal alchemist | Wiki | ♢Anime♢ AminoFull metal panic | Wiki | •Anime• AminoHorimiya | Wiki | Anime AminoNeon Genesis Evangelion | Wiki | •Anime• AminoGhost In The Shell Sac | Wiki | Anime AminoJin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade | Wiki | Anime AminoNakajima Youko | Wiki | Anime AminoBalsa Yonsa | Wiki | Anime AminoNodame Cantabile~ | Wiki | 》ANIME《 AminoPet Shop of Horrors | Wiki | Anime AminoMononoke hime | Wiki | •Anime• AminoSaintseiya Stories - WattpadSerial Experiments Lain | Wiki | Anime AminoThe Super Dimension Fortress Macross 超 時 空 要 塞 マ ク | Wiki | •Anime• AminoThe Ancient Magus Bride — kal-tsit: Mahoutsukai no Yome: Gakuin-hen A...the heroic legend of arslan | Wiki | Anime AminoThe Princess And The Pilot | Wiki | Anime AminoThe Vision Of Escaflowne | Wiki | Anime AminoVinland Saga | Wiki | Anime AminoClaymore | Wiki | Anime AminoBlue Submarine No.6 | Wiki | Anime AminoValkyria Chronicles (Senjou No Valkyria) | Wiki | Anime Amino90s Anime | Wiki | Anime AminoBlack Lagoon | Wiki | Anime AminoCDJapan : Neon Genesis Evangelion Complete listings ( All CD, and  Discography ) | All CDYona of the dawn | Wiki | Anime AminoThe Count of Monte Cristo: Gankutsuou | Wiki | Anime AminoSpace Pirate Captain Harlock | Wiki | Anime AminoCity Hunter - speedrun.comCDJapan : Sol Bianca Complete listings ( Blu-rays, DVDs, Japanese Movie,  Soundtrack, and Discography ) | AnimeSamurai X | Wiki | Anime AminoEncuentran datos sobre dos personajes ocultos de Dragon Ball Super en Dragon  Ball Z: KakarotThe Rising Of The Shield Hero | Wiki | Online Friendship AminoTheatrical Feature - XXXHolic Manatsu no Yoru no Yume - Original Soundtrack  Animation Soundtrack CD Album - CDJapanИзгнанник:Сереброкрылая Фам./ Last Exile: Ginyoku | Wiki | Аниме Amino AminoHello Kitty - photo - Puremediasget backers | Wiki | Anime AminoRanma 1/2 | Wiki | The Rumic World AminoRErideD: Tokigoe no Derrida | Wiki | •Anime• AminoCasual Anime Fan — Infurita from El Hazard. Not really a girl but she...Fate Stay Night Poster by Marucchi | RedbubbleTsukihime Lunar Legend | Wiki | 2 Animes por Temporada AminoNausicaa Of The Valley Of The Wind | Wiki | Anime AminoThose Who Hunt Elves - ANGEL BLUE [RO] - Lyrics and Music by Naoko Hamasaki  arranged by sanozanza

The story of the blue gem

Chapter I: The cursed marks.

Anime Village Wallpapers - Top Free Anime Village Backgrounds -  WallpaperAccess

Hello there! Yes, I am talking to you, My name is Cynara, or you can call me Cyna, I am a jewelcrafter, I arrived to this town recently. Grinhilt is a beutifull town indeed. So your name is Leuthar and you are a hunter... thats a fine bow. I can imagine you are busy so I wont take you much of your time. Here I want you to show you this gem. Please hold it, and don`t be afraid... relax, don`t be afraid... the pain will leave slowly. Those blue marks... This is not an ordinary gem, the soul of the Blue Dragon was inside, and now is inside of your body. Five years a go the king Alder III requested the four heroes of Diarmad to travel to the island of Ethesia and kill the blue dragon. Drink the blood of a dragon grants a person to live longer. During five years I was in charge of fix the blue dragon soul to this gem. I am a draconic priestess. Now the time has come. Kill a dragon, a protector of the world, that can`t go un-punished. The soul of the blue dragon has chose you as his champion to kill king Alder III and the four heroes of Diarmad. No, you can`t refuse this task, if you don`t commit yourself, the blue dragon soul will take your body and use it to reincarnate. I am going to travel with you, my magic is at your service. First we should travel to the Island of Ethesia and seek the remains of the blue dragon.

Chapter II: to be continue...

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Mentallysighing Apr 18, 2021

Hiya Martin, nice to meet ya too. (:

Of course and thanks for the likes too.

You are welcome to ask anytime but I can't guarantee you'll like or enjoy them. (x

But the one I'll recommend is ID:INVADED it's one of my favorites.

Yes I really did liked Pet Shop of Horror. Oh that's really cool that you watched while it was airing. 

Indeed his skills are original. Will you be watching season two of The Rising of The Shield Hero? I believe it's suppose to start airing in October.

I finally finished season two of Tales of Zestiria: The X. I only started watching it because a friend wanted to watch it with me and it seemed interesting. I did enjoyed both seasons and I read the Tales of Berseria manga. The Tales series seems quite interesting and a bit fun so I'll probably get more into it.

Yea I only watched those two of the Fate series when I first was getting into anime so seeing how many fates there are was a bit intimidating at the time. I see you gave Stay Night 4/5 I don't see many people actually liking that one.

I've heard from quite a few people say The Vision of Escaflowne anime was better than the movie. I only watched the movie because I had gotten the collector box edition for $1 at a thift shop. 

The Ancient Magus' Bride was done so beautifully and did good development with Chise. Yup interesting role inversion between them. Surprisingly its getting a new ova and the cover looks gorgeous.

See ya around 

LUCIIIII Apr 17, 2021

Hola Lohegram, bueno ya voy ha parar, si español es uno de mis lenguajes prinicipales,no se por que no te lo dije jaja perdon, muchas gracias por la sugerencia y podemos hablar en los dos idiomas o hablar el que te sea mas practico/bueno :).

Ademas, un monton de gracias por el monton de recommendacioens que me has mandado para mi challenge, gracias!! Aunque ahora me estoy tomando un pequeño descanso y viendo lo que me apetece mas :) De todas maneras un monto de gracias, y creo que le echare un vistazo a  los  que me has mandado :D

-Have an awesome day/night-

Cute Anime Dancing GIF - CuteAnime Dancing Silly GIFs

Balthasaurus Apr 17, 2021

Hey, hey, Martin! How's it going?

Yeah, I've been watching some anime of late, although, not as much as I used to. I've got lots of studying I need to do for my exams, you see.

I'm currently still watching Mushi-Shi. I'm doing so at a pretty leisurely pace, usually only about two episodes each week, and usually late at night, before I go to bed. It's been a nice, contemplative way to spend my evenings.

XXXHOLIC is a show that I've been curious about for quite some time now. I found it on the website a while back, and it looks pretty similar to a lot of other shows that I like, so I'll have to find some way to watch it at some point, so that I can see for myself.

I guess that the two "main" anime that I'm watching right now are both sequels that are currently airing this season: Fruits Basket the Final, and Zombie Land Saga: Revenge. Fruits Basket is a really touching drama about a curse that afflicts the Soma family, which can cause they to turn into animals. The protagonist, Tohru, learns about the Somas and tries her best to make their lives better. And Zombie Land Saga is about, well, zombie idols. The girls are cute and the music is great.

These are both shows that I really enjoy, albeit for entirely different reasons. Anyway I'd recommend you check out the first season of each, if they sound even moderately interesting to you:



Oh, and one last thing: I see you're watching Natsume's Book of Friends! Nice! I've watched the first three seasons. I think it's a really pleasant show about how the lives of humans and spirits intersect, and I really love Natsume's character growth as the series goes on.

So, yeah. See ya!

LUCIIIII Apr 15, 2021

Si es verdad Español es bastante importante en el mundo de anime y en los Dubs!:D

Un monton de gracias por los links para los videos de Nodame Cantabile, pero creo que me los voy a tener que ver mas tarde por que me quiero terminar Assasination Classroon primero, perdon haha :)

Que tengas un buen dia y hasta luego!! ^^

P.S Is my spanish okay, haha trying my best... :)

AnimeSerenity Apr 14, 2021

1)Wait, really? When we get a close-up of him in the metal cage that is being shocked, he's just dizzy looking at the bright colors that surround him. It didn't look like he was getting shocked himself as his body was dead still(he wasn't even flinching) and his hair was just blowing upwards. I guess, that may have been the intention anyway, even if the electrocution wasn't as clearly shown to the audience as I thought it had to. I guess the flashing light could be seen as him getting electrocuted, but I never saw it in that manner due to the close-up showing the opposite. 

2) She sounds like a creep tbh.

3)Oh, okay, cero is the Spanish word for zero. Thanks for explaining. 

4)Yeah, I can see how you got that impression.

I'm the other way around, I actually just find the design of Genocider Jack to be just okay, but I love how Celeste looks. 

5)I'm more of a fan of the 1-10 rating system, but a 5-star rating system is okay.

6) I never played the game myself. I just watched Let's Plays of it. 

7) What was your opinion of Fate/Stay Night?

K see ya.