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Lewis0770 Feb 22, 2020

yes continue to preach

Prakhd Aug 16, 2019


Prakhd Aug 15, 2019

well..she was MC's Grandmother. any sexual scene with her would have been...confusing to say the least.

angelusbarney Oct 27, 2018

"Adorable yet insanely jealous and selfish beyond reason..." 

That's why I love her, she's got some zest to her. Ayase seems rather bland versus the girl who the fact she's stuck to Seiji's arm is one of the least unusual things about her.

ScorpioVelvet Sep 28, 2018

Thanks for the kind words on liking my taste, pal.

Sailor Moon was also one of the first animes I've got into watching when I was younger, too. (My first anime I've watched before that was Totoro.)

Hellsing Ultimate was quite a wild ride but it did followed the original manga and had better animation, the original Hellsing will always be my favorite in my opinion (still needs to have little more stuff like Ultimate had, haha).

I've seen & read some of Inuyasha, always a good one but also need to catch that one up soon. I did enjoyed Ranma 1/2 more, though (super funny & action-packed). Speaking of Full Metal Alchemist, I've got to met the director for the series last year at an anime convention twice in one day (for his live drawing & short film) and he was a neat storyteller as well talented with his manga (even though, I still don't watch that anime). I have yet to see Dirty Pair still... 

Witch Hunter Robin - I've watched that, it was really enjoyable with the plot twists & such (kinda like how Fringe was). I've only read the manga for Wolf's Rain, & I still need to see the anime really bad since everyone recommended that to me (heard it's sad so better be ready for that). And I do know that fact with the same English dub cast doing Wolf's Rain, too. :D

Agreed on the fact both Outlaw Star & Fruits Basket being a good starter to any newcoming young otaku, I loved reading the manga for Fruits Basket more & wished there would be another season for the anime since there was lot more to the story. Which characters did you like in either Outlaw Star or Fruits Basket? (Personally I would say Aisha in Outlaw Star because she really cracks me up as well can transform, and then Yuki in Fruits Basket since he's very kind & handsome yet I can relate to his personality a lot.)

Oh, cool. Always good to have more film buffs around the site these days, what are some of your most favorite films or directors? (My favorite films are both Valerie And Her Week of Wonders & The Secret of NIMH - they're both fantasy films (one of them's animated as for it made me want to be an artist). Some of my favorite directors include Dario Argento, Akira Kurosawa, Krzysztof Kieslowski, Federico Fellini, Ingmar Bergman, John Carpenter, Stanley Kubrick, Michael Haneke, Paul Thomas Anderson, & David Cronenberg.)

Heck, I would be happy to check out your blog one of these days too. :)