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Diesel trucks! Anime! Purple!!!! Im just me. 17 years old.. ummmmmm chat me if you want to know more :)

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Sianeka Jan 8, 2016

Russian98 says...  Awsome!

So be sure to let me know if you are traveling this way, and maybe we can meet up for a bite to eat and talk anime together!

Sianeka Jan 8, 2016

Russian98 says...  that would be cool.

Let's do it then!  (I'm somewhat shy to meet new folks RL but seeing as how I love to meet new folks here, I think I can work past it! *grin*)

Sianeka Jan 2, 2016

Russian98 says... Deep purple is the best. And i dont recall meeting you so guess not haha.

Well, maybe we'll meet on a future visit you make to SoCal!

Sianeka Dec 31, 2015

Russian98 says...   oh and purple is my fav color.

It used to be mine as well, in as much as I really had a favorite color. Deep purple, like the color of your pictured truck, not all variations of purple! 

I decided, though, that I don't really have a "favorite" color as there are so many colors I really like a lot.  And none of them do I really enjoy all hues of that color...

hehehe  these days "leopard" is a favorite color! *grin*

Sianeka Dec 31, 2015

Russian98 says...  I did not proofread this ran out of time lol... Well.. sorry about the late response time, busy xmas, I rarly have time to watch anime too. I tend to start a anime then get distracted for a while then come back. I like anime for the art as I am a artist myself but I also enjoy the storys. My all time fav anime based on storyline alone is Fairy tale. As for diesel trucks I live on a farm and most of my friends drive trucks and got me into the community of trucks in genral, espissically diesel trucks. Ive always wanted a custom built pickup that ive built myself, my dream job is to design vehicles in genral, all the new vehicles look terrible.

I'm watching Fairy Tail now. Funny story, since you mention that you love it due to storyline.  I started watching it, but only got to episode 4 before I kinda stalled on it.  I was afraid it was going to fall into that storyline rut "Magical-battle-of-the-day" where each day, the main characters would grab a quest from the job board and that would be the day's adventure.  And the series has so many episodes, I just didn't want to get into that many days of watching the battle of the day.  (The series Inuyasha fell into that rut and couldn't get out.) Then some folks told me, it gets better, and  there is lots of character development, so I decided to give it another try.

Am watching now with a friend and we are on episode 75 already and I'm enjoying this so much more this time around.  Some of the characters are even going to make it onto my Adored characters list here on the site.  (I try to be selective about adding characters to either the Love or Hate list!) 

Ambitious goal - to design and build your own pickup!  I wonder why I am picturing it looking something like the purple truck in your profile!  LOL  I have to admit, I don't know a lot about trucks, and wouldn't have the first clue how you'd go about accomplishing your dream.  

Russian98 says...  Whats funny is i live in southern oregon and have been to southern california many times, perhaps we have met?

Unlikely - SoCal is a big place!  It's possible, although I'd like to think that if we'd met, we'd have struck up a memorable conversation about anime!  I doubt it though, at least not for any length of time, because I can count on one hand the number of folks I've met from Oregon, and she was female!  I often wear animal ears when I go out - do you recall meeting a blue-eyed redhead wearing animal ears and an anime tee? *smile*