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Hi there! I'm Alice or Tohru or feel free to call me Frey, Katarina or Yohane!

All Time Fave OTPs:

~Doug x Frey(Rune Factory 4/Special)

~Kyo Soma x Tohru Honda(Fruits Basket)

~Felix Hugo Fraldarius x Female Byleth Eisner(Fire Emblem:Three Houses)

~Takeru Sasazuka x Ichika Hoshino(Collar x Malice)

~Yusuke Kitagawa x Futaba Sakura(Persona 5)

Fave Anime:

~Fruits Basket



~World Break:Aria of Curse For a Holy Swordsman


Fave Manga:

~Fruits Basket


~P to JK

~Kiss Me at the Stroke of Midnight


Fave Games:

~Rune Factory 4 Special

~Fire Emblem:Three Houses

~Persona 5 Royal

~Collar x Malice

~Story of Seasons:Friends of Mineral Town

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Narmaya Jun 27, 2020

Great choices! Ran and Yukina are my two favorite vocalists. Their singing is so good.

Narmaya Jun 24, 2020

I see you're a fan of Bandori as well. Who are your favorites in there? Mine are Sayo, Rinko, and Himari.

Narmaya Jun 24, 2020

Hello! I'm doing fine, how about you? Yes, Dia is actually my favorite Aqours girl! Ruby is a close second. As for μ, my favorite girl is Umi with Kotori close behind. Who are your favorites? :D

Narmaya Jun 13, 2020

Ashe and Annette are my favorites from Blue Lions too. Felix is cool too!

Narmaya Jun 9, 2020

Yes! Claude, Hilda, and Marianne were my favorites. Who were your favorites from Blue Lions?