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Kana Jun 17, 2017

Hi Rudey, I saw your name mentioned on today's assignment sheet (-^w^-) Just wanted to say welcome to WECO!! \(-^w^-)/ It's lots of fun and can also give you the opportunity to meet new people :3 enjoy~ 

Sianeka Jun 17, 2017

Rudey says...  well... Aren't you a polite one!   you are special and little big deal.. (^_^).  How many people get the opportunity to directly talk to the founder of an awesome foram..?   I have finished my assignment. got 3 non-activated user.

I'm not trying to be polite; I'm simply stating the truth.  I hope your assignment didn't take too long and that you had fun doing it.  Pretty soon, you'll start getting comment replies back to respond to.  That's where the real fun begins!!!!  And don't worry about those Inactive members - nothing that can be done till they decide to activate their accounts.

Sianeka Jun 16, 2017

Rudey says...  yes..I will.   I am super duper lucky.... being welcomed by the founder of WECO. and  being followed and supported by her..   I am feeling special..  ha ha..     (^_^)

You -ARE- super special, but not because I talk to you. --> I'm not such a big deal.

You are a WECO Greeter, and THEY are super awesome special people.  So your joining up as a Greeter means you've become one of my favorite people on the site!  

Sianeka Jun 16, 2017

Remember, if you have any questions, feel free to come and ask me!

Sianeka Jun 16, 2017

Rudey says...  thanks. I have received the email.     ^_^.  a little bit huge though.. but it's ok..   so I will get my assaignment at 10:00pm on my time zone.?? right..?

*smiling*  I love how eager you are!  You probably won't get your assignment at 10 pm exactly, because that is only an approximate time when I tend to wake up in the morning and do the sheet and then get it out...  I'm only just now starting to work on it today - am a bit late getting started on it as I got caught up doing things here on the site.  Like reading and answering comments, which I love doing!!!