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Sianeka Jun 20, 2017

Hi again! *smile*

Rudey says...  Arigatoouu..!   last night I imagined myself as an independent greeter and being welcomed by you.. (^_^).  ha ha. crazy coincidence.   should I mention in my greeting that we are from  WECO??? 

It is up to you, mention WECO or not, whatever works for you.  Personally, I don't mention it, but maybe I should! lol  I know quite a few Greeters that do mention it.  It's YOUR welcome greeting, you saying hello to them, so you can say a friendly greeting however works best for you.

Rudey says...  Are you a little bit free at 11:30 pm  (GMT6+).??  we can chat everyday..  

I think I should be around then.  It'll be a little after noon on Wednesday for me, I believe, if I did the time conversion correctly.  If you see me on, then contact me and we can make arrangements. *smile*

Rudey says...  oh.. have you watched  "quan zhi gao shou"??

Not yet.  Most of what I've watched recently has been stuff I am "required" to watch due to commitments I've made with other people, so I've been watching in conjunction with participation in their groups...  Been doing DAMC anime shows, and just started watching The Perfect Insider as FYAB participation.  And watching Attack on Titan S2, My Hero Academia, and Law of Ueki with a friend.  Have had no real time to watch any anime shows "on my own".

Rudey says...  do you have any anime suggestion for me,which I should watch?? 

Took a quick look at your Anime List and see you've rated OPM and My Hero Academia highly, so another hero-type show I keep hearing about is Tiger & Bunny.  I haven't yet seen this myself but do have it on my WtW list.  Or if you want something quick to check out, maybe the movie Summer Wars?

Some other hero-type titles you might like:  

KonoSuba – God’s blessing on this wonderful world!! - this one surprised me as I didn't think I was going to enjoy it as much as I did!  Watch for the goddess that has rainbow vomit when she's sick! lol

Overlord - watched this with one of my anime groups and it was popular with most everyone there.  And there's going to be another season of it released!

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann  - this show has a bit of everything in it, action, adventure, comedy, romance, even mecha!

The Devil is a Part-Timer! - I thought this "stranger-in-a-stange-land" show was funny and enjoyed it a lot.  There's one scene where the "Hero" goes to fight "the Devil" with a weapon she obtained locally, and "the Devil" asks her if she bought it at the local Dollar store (99-yen store).  hahaha  too funny!

Sianeka Jun 20, 2017

Rudey says...  oi.. (mayadayes) was my assignment..  but.. this   (Ismeretlenember) welcomed him first..   who is this??  is he really one of our greeters????   kind of mad about it.

Ismeretlenember  isn't a WECO Greeter.  She welcomes people on her own, randomly, with no special pattern.  She's welcomed many of "my" members first many times.  No need to be angry about it - you will often come across these Independent Greeters, who for various reasons, decide they want to greet people on their own, and not on a regular schedule as WECO Greeters do.  Ismeretlenember is only the latest in recent active Independent Greeters.  Typically, they are EXTREMELY active for a while, but gradually their activity tapers off.  Eventually, you hardly ever see them anymore, but while they are active, they seem to be everywhere. LOL

It's important that you leave YOUR welcome message, even if someone else has also left a welcome message to the person.  I'd like to ensure everyone that joins the site gets a WECO welcome, and often, the other person who has left the message before you isn't a WECO Greeter, but instead is an Independent Greeter.  Your welcome  would probably be the new member's first contact with WECO.

Independent Greeters don't necessarily reply to comments left on their profile nor necessarily answer questions, the way WECO Greeters will.  So your greeting is still important for you to leave for new members.

It doesn't matter if your message isn't the first one on a page.   I've found, from doing many, many welcomes, that it really doesn't matter whether or not you are "first" to leave your message - it doesn't affect whether or not the person responds to your comment, nor does it change whether or not they decide to follow you. So, there is no real advantage to being "first".

Besides, having more than one welcome message makes the new member feel even MORE welcome here!

(I play a game with watching Ismeretlenember's greetings - she tends to add a different .gif for every greeting she does, and it's fun to see the .gif  for each one.)

Rudey says...  hey will be able to chat at  11:30 (GMT +6)???  

Sorry, I didn't see your message in time to meet up.   11:30 pm in Bangladesh  is 10 am for me...  So the meetup time had gone by before I saw your comment. *sad*

Rudey says...  OH.. an one more thing.. increase my welcoming number to 15.. 

OK, will do.  Commencing on the very next Assignment Sheet to go out. Thank you!

Sianeka Jun 18, 2017

Rudey says...  it's ok. I do know you are crazy busy all the time .(°_°) .  you work so hard to maintain WECO.   thats why I will wait till you find the time to respond.(^_^).  let's chat on discord,when you are a little bit free..

Just let me know when youwant to do it and I'll try to clear some time so we can!  Best not to wait until I feel I have some free time, because I almost never get that feeling!  I even have to schedule in my "free" time! hahahaha

Sianeka Jun 17, 2017

Rudey says... yeah.. I am waiting for them to respond.  you haven't cheked your discord account yet,have you??  I have sent a direct message to you.. ,Boss ..!!  (*_*)

Thanks for notifying me here - I've got you set up as a Greeter over at the Discord room, and saw your DM.  Took me long enough, eh?

Kana Jun 17, 2017

Thanks Rudey, I designed my profile so I hardly ever have to edit it x'DD

Yes I do have a discord it is: Etsuyo#4394