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Congratulationssnail Jul 5, 2017

Hi, I'm well, and you?

It sounds like a good idea. I'm just not sure I log in enough to do it properly.

Estrayldite Jul 5, 2017

Thank you! I hope I will too!

Sianeka Jul 3, 2017

Rudey says...  oww... come on boss.. no need to apologise.. it's not your fault..  I wanted know you as a real life human.. that is why I don't ask personal ques. in comments..  cause they were ment to be "PERSONAL".(^_^)..  SO.. are you free in night?   n your time zone..   tell me when you are free and what time is it in GMT+6 zone.. 

Actually, I'm most often free in the mornings in my time zone, after I send out the Assignment Sheet for the day.  So, probably 10am-noon my time is the best time for me.  But that's no good for you - that's 11pm to 1am your time.  Night times are harder to coordinate as I often have evening commitments.  I guess usually after 9pm is best for me?  (That's after 10am your time.)

Sianeka Jul 3, 2017

Rudey says...  if you are  free now,  let's chat on discord. I will be waiting for you there

I have family visiting me from out of town, and while they are here I am on and off the internet, not spending much time on at all. Not nearly as much time as usual.  

I am so sorry I am so often unavailable lately. *sad*

My apologies.

Congratulationssnail Jun 28, 2017

Thanks for welcoming me to the site! Really nice of you aha~