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Sianeka Aug 14, 2017

Rudey says...  dear sia, please put me on hitus ..cause   I was not able to do the assaignments since past 3 assignments..   our department.. where i study takin tutorial and test exam one after another.. too much pressure..   I will let you know when I am ablr to do the aasignments..  ... 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😫😭😭😭  soo sorry I have let you down.. please forgive me..

Hi - I got this message and am putting you on hiatus with no new assignments until you get back in touch with me to let me know your schedule allows you to be available again. I am sorry that your schoolwork has gotten so intensive lately and am hoping you can hang in there and make a success of your exams and do well in your subjects and score good grades.

Will you be able to complete the assignments you were already given (it'll take only about 5 minutes to get all each done) or do you need me to do them for you?

Saturday, Aug 12 - Rudey: Slewis to BigMacT456789 (15 names)

Friday, Aug 11 - Rudey: ktvm to hassrith (15 names)

Wednesday, Aug 9 - Rudey: KilluaZoldyck99 to Ashjane27 (15 names)

Good luck with your studies.  Just drop me a note when you are ready to come back and I'll reactivate you again right away! Ganbatte!!

Sianeka Aug 2, 2017

Rudey says...  soo much on your shoulder... ..  but keep doing what you are doing... I believe your hard work will pay a good price..   I amm leaving a personal msg in discord.. ppease overlook my rudeness

Ah, don't mind, and I'm not insulted or ofended or anything  You are just being curious, that's all.  I hope you don't mind that I declined to answer.  Although I don't mind questions, those are the personl questions I usually avoid answering.

Sianeka Aug 2, 2017

Rudey says...  understood.. why you are busy...  hmm.. but you haven't said anything about your work/proffession..   what kind of work fo you do???

This is a loaded question for me, and one I typically avoid answering.  I've done so many, many different things for work.  I went to school to work in the medical field, and am a certified laboratory scientist.  But I didn't work in that field very long.  My last job before this one, I spent many years working in finance.  But that company underwent changes, and I lost that job when the company reorganized.  Nowadays, I have no career, no real "job" - the work I do is only a means to earn money to live and not anything more.

Sianeka Aug 2, 2017

Of course, I still have yet to watch Bungou Stray Dogs. *sigh*

So much anime I want to see.  So little time!