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Sianeka Jun 14, 2017

Rudey says...  well .. I am watching  "Quan Zhi Gao Shou" also known as " the kings avatar"   .. it is pretty amazing .. you should try it..   gaming type anime. story ,animation,sound effect,graphics all are extraordinary..   also it is a new addition in chinese anime. but i bet you'll like it.   it is much close to " sword art online".  carzy busy!!!.. what is your proffession?.

You are the second person that has told me to watch Quan Zhi, so I'm thinking I really do need to check it out.  So, I just added it to my Want to Watch list to remind me about it when I decide to start watching a new show.  Thanks for recommending it.  (I actually liked most of Sword Art Online.  I loved the first part of both seasons, but not so admiring of the second (Alfheim) arcs...)

I'm here on the site almost all the time I'm online, and am often very busy doing WECO-related things, but I help out doing site stuff too whenever I can squeeze in some time for it!

Sianeka Jun 14, 2017

Thank you! Am now following you! Keep in touch and leave me a comment on my profile page any time - I'd love to hear from you more! Really!

Sianeka Jun 11, 2017

Rudey says...  yoo ..sianeka..   why aren't you responding??????????????????????????  am I too much of a nagging person?????

No, of course not! *smile*  But I have only just now gotten home.  Was out and about and away from the computer all day today!

Rudey says...  yo...!   busy lady..   are you too busy to reply my comment??  jannen desta nee!!

What does jannen desta nee mean?  I have been very busy the past couple of days... I mean, I'm very often busy, but the past few days have been crazy busy! *laugh*

Rudey says...  yo..   siaaneka...   ..  it seems.. youbare wayyy too busy watching anime..    <smile>.   actually  there is a difference between u and me when it comes about communicating with others..  I use fb often..    and you don't.  you use a-p / skype/...  I don't..  I tried every option to communicate with you.   but could not solve the problem..   but if you can give your 20-25 munites in a day on. Facebook, I think we eill be able to know each other well enough..   I have always wanted to make a foraign friend..  .. so.... what do you say?????????

hahahaha  I wish I had time to watch more anime!  *big grin*  So much anime, and NEVER enough time.  Still, whenever I -do- get some free time, chances are quite high that I will try to get some anime viewing time in!

I'll try to be friends/friendly with you, but am afraid I really just don't do FB.  

Are you watching any anime currently that you are really enjoying?

VlN Jun 11, 2017

i'm from the usa

VlN Jun 11, 2017

what do you consider unpleasant music?