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Yozakura Quartet

Nov 29, 2018

The reason I wanted to see this show was because the art (ofcourse) reminded me of Durarara and Baccano and obviously I thought it was going to be just as awesome.

Now I do have to add that I asked the Anime-planet community what they thought about the show and they all advised me to watch me something different. Which of course makes me even more curious, I am a stubborn old man afterall.

So season 1 felt awkward, we have an antagonist that we should feel something for because he's the brother of one of the protagonist girls. The way it was framed just made it sound we were missing a bunch of information.

Basic way to explain the concept, the world building is very similar to Naruto and the hidden leaf village but instead of ninjas with super powers we're now dealing with monsters with super powers. So some of these monsters are pretty cool but some others were just horrible designs.

Even though I hated the storytelling and the structure of the first season, the following 3 OVA episodes were absolutely amazing. The art was gorgeous, the animations were a lot slicker, the characters were made much more likable and the story was actually very interesting. So eventhough the first season is a very odd watch, I feel that if you really want to enjoy the 3 OVA's that follow you'll have to wrestle your way through them.

3/10 story
6/10 animation
5/10 sound
5/10 characters
4/10 overall
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