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HKBattosai Dec 5, 2018

I noticed you just turned the big 4 0 today! Congrats! I reminds me of when I turned 30. That's when the days of my super youth were now gone. However, were still plenty young though.

Again, happy birthday Rudeboy!


HKBattosai Dec 3, 2018

Hi Rudeboy! Thanks for the follow. Your avatar and profile banner are both awesome! Cheers!


captivus Nov 19, 2018

Yeah, You did pretty well finding interesting shows -  I'm a little too lazy to check every title I recommend with Your lists ;-)

If You like Cowboy Bebop you'll probably like Planetes. It's a very different show but it gives You the same feeling when You finished an episode, which is sitting back and thinking 'Well ... this was cool. Do I have the time for another episode?'.

The melancholy of haruhi suzumiya has a very ... special character and story. I do get why people teased You to watch it and I think You'll probably like it (or at least find the concept interesting).

Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu is a must see for any anime fan. Ignore the subject matter which (the rakugo storytelling) if it puts You off - I wasn't interested in it at all and still very much loved the show.

ReLIFE is much more lighthearted than Welcome to the NHK! so You can think of it as a different take on a similar subject matter.

Hataraki Man is what happens when I can't find a new show to watch and search anime lists for hours until I find something that strikes my fancy ;-)

I don't want to spam Your page with more titles so maybe check out my anime lists and if anything interests You I'm more than happy to describe the premise or why I liked the show (if the description on the list isn't enough) :-)

You can check

this list first - I'm sure You'll find something we both can agree is good, due to our old, old age if nothing else ;-)

captivus Nov 19, 2018

Hah! Now You got me motivated :D

Alright so 

Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu

this is one of the best anime ever made. This is not an exaggeration - it really is perfect with its story, character development, sound, and direction;


this is one of my favorite shows ever - it features realistic take on space exploration, believable characters and an interesting slice of life story (plus decent comedy too);

Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku and Nodame Cantabile

are both great anime with adult protagonists that You'll probably like. Both have romance in them, Wotakoi more so Nodame less so, but it is depicted realistically and the characters are relatable - even more so for little older people like you and me;


this series is very relatable for an older audience. I think most people have been down in the dumps (like the protagonist) at least once before their thirties;

Hataraki Man

If You'll single You will probably want to marry the main protagonist before the series end :-) ;

Bakuman. (spelled with the full stop - the dot - at the end)

this is a very good series about the manga industry.

NamikoYori May 16, 2018

you're very welcome  :3