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Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukuna

I can be very short about this show.  The synopsis promises more as it delivers. It is an average one out of a million ecchi school club show.

Non existing, gradually more students join the neighbors club and together they do the regular stuff, day at the beach, day at the festival, day at the swimming pool, day of gaming etc.

Animation / sound
Nothing wrong with the animation. The opening theme is nice and the closing theme is okay but anything beside that is unnoticeable, except for some song with cat sounds which I haven’t been able to locate on YouTube yet. Hint hint wink wink.

Well...lots of things wrong here.

Kodaka is the main character, a nice guy who is misunderstood to be a delinquent. Unfortunately the show does too little with the delinquent part in my opinion, his class introduction is funny but other than that there are only 2 or 3 more little jokes. When he was young he had a very good friend but he does not know what happened with him. But you don't need to worry the show gives you some very obvious hints early on about who this friend is and proceeds to give more hints further along the show.

Yozora, she is introduced as a introvert girl but actually she is a very pushy and mean girl, it is probably intended as funny but her 'jokes' come across as bullying, she even slapped a ten year old nun, it is very hard to like her. Luckily she becomes nicer in season 2.

Sena, a nice and very popular girl at the boys but her popularity makes it very hard for her to find real friends. Sena is also big contributor for the ecchi material in this show because of her ''giant milk cow udders''. And despite being a top student at the school her IQ drops considerably when she is inside the club classroom and around Yozora, which makes her the number 1 bully target for Yozora. So expect a lot of ''Baka! Aho, shine!'' from her as she runs away crying.

Kobato, Kadoka’s young sister, a gothic lolita who has no problems with undressing for her older brother.

Maria, because the gothic lolita alone wasn’t enough we have Maria the 10 year old nun lolita. Maria has a crush on Kodaka which angers Kobato so when these two met it quickly escalates into fights which appear to be funny for the other students as they let them continue fighting. Maria is the number 2 bully target for Yozora.

Rika, the scientific genius who is a complete pervert, especially gundam sex turns her on.

Yukimara, the boy who constantly cross dresses as a girl/maid. He is forced to cross dress by, surprise surprise Yozora, but apparently it is no big deal for him, even though he wants to become manly.

This is a almost harem show with mild ecchi and regular school life / school club activities of which most of it has been done better by other shows.

If you want a pushy weird school club girl watch Haruya. If you want a bunch of weirdoes in a school club watch Noucome. If you want a delinquent searching for friends and romance watch Kaibutsu-kun. If you want a harem show with a childhood friend watch Nisekoi. If you want ecchi, well plenty of shows with more ecchi. Unless you like this kind of shows.
Season 2 is slightly better as season 1 but still pretty average.

The only special part of this show is episode 2 which is hilarious.

5/10 story
8/10 animation
5/10 sound
5/10 characters
6/10 overall

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