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Aug 15, 2014

First a little heads up/warning. I really disliked this anime, so it may turn out in a little rant.

I just had finished Blood+ which was a good anime so I thought to try this one out. Unfortunately it had nothing to do with Blood+ with the exception of the main characters name. The monsters turned from (monster) vampires into statues and birds. The main character was too clumsy and the story...well there wasn’t much story. If they disconnected the show from Blood+ it might have gotten some extra points as a comedy/gore anime.

Saya lives a happy school life which she needs to combine with her secret double life as a monster slayer.

The first few episodes are very similar, we see her living a happy life and at night she combats monsters, there are some little hints given that she is different. But it takes a long time before something becomes clear, the show is only 12 episodes long so the writers took too long to reveal the plot. And it seems that they threw out the little story they had at the final episode and just said ''f*** it'' to create a random gore fest with Bunny monsters. 

This is very good actually, no real complaints about this. I only wish they didn`t give Saya those ponytails.

It was not really noticeable, the opening and closing themes were nothing special either.

Saya...well...she was waaaay to happy/ignorant (perhaps even dumb) for my taste and when her friends are in danger she disappears from the screen and takes no actions until everyone is dead already. Luckily there is no appeal to any of the side characters so it isn`t a big deal that she always takes to late action.

I got so bored and fed up with the show that I really needed to force myself to finish the show. I cared so little that the ridiculous ending gave me a little grin for it being so bad.
If you liked Blood+ and want to see more of it...then don't watch this anime, it will only disappoint you!

Luckily Blood-C the movie is a lot better, that movie I could easily recommend, it still isn't as good as Blood+ but pretty okay and it doesn't matter if you skip this show to watch the movie. The couple of 5 second flashbacks from the anime in the movie is all you need to know about her background.

2.5/10 story
8/10 animation
6/10 sound
1/10 characters
2/10 overall

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