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WTF, Thank You Japan

1 Aiko no Maa-chan

Aiko no Maa-chan

Never punch your uterus or it might decide to talk to you through your vagina...

2 Azarashi no Takeda-kun

Azarashi no Takeda-kun

So there is this kid in class, he is actually a seal, dont mind that, nobody does, but in order to transform back to human he needs to get between a girls legs. Still stuck around? Now what if I tell you he got a crossdressing friend so he gets between his legs instead. Yeah? ...yeah thats this manga.

3 Bougyaku no Kokekko

Bougyaku no Kokekko

Giant killer chickens...

4 Butt Attack Punisher Girl Gautaman

Butt Attack Punisher Girl Gautaman

A magical girl who fights using her butt. One of her oponents is Darth Veda.

5 Chindala Mandala

Chindala Mandala

So this guy got a talking seal as a penis....

6 Chintsubu


More weird penis manga from Japan, a haunted penis and penis switcheroo...

7 Cloth Eating Girl

Cloth Eating Girl

A zombie girl who eats other girls panties...

8 Dick Fight Island

Dick Fight Island

Dick fighting island says enough already...

9 Donyatsu


A donut cat...

10 Hissatsu! Paipai Talk

Hissatsu! Paipai Talk

About a guy who can hear the thoughts of boobs...and apparantly they also like sushi a lot.

11 Jinmen


Zoo animals with human faces...nightmare fuel..

12 Jurassic Gakuen

Jurassic Gakuen

T-rex highschool romance story. Because everyone needs to see a t-rex in a dress.

13 Kanashiki Ikimonotachi

Kanashiki Ikimonotachi

A dog exposing himself and a fly in love with his...thingy...

14 Kaniku no Musume

Kaniku no Musume

A girl with 6 heads gets brutally murdered.

15 Kaze no Chinkorou

Kaze no Chinkorou

A wandering penis...

16 Little Miss P

Little Miss P

Miss Period, a talking period.

17 Neko no Oji-san

Neko no Oji-san

Kazuki's sister brings home a stray cat, who is actually a middle aged man in disguise.

18 Nikutaikan-K


Rape man, when raping women his powers awake, the superhero we need...???

19 Ore no Kokan wa Bishoujo Datta no ka

Ore no Kokan wa Bishoujo Datta no ka

Follow Kosuga, a 2nd Year Highschool Student, as he lives his life with his dick who turns out to be a cute girl!



Ping Kong....King Kong playing Ping Pong...

21 Project Doll Phone

Project Doll Phone

A loli phone...

22 Reizou(ko) Ningen Dai 1-gou

Reizou(ko) Ningen Dai 1-gou

A living fridge.

23 Ren-Chin Girl

Ren-Chin Girl

A microwave which takes the form of a girl.

24 Rosen Garten Saga

Rosen Garten Saga

Beside the heavy rape in the first chapter this got massive perverts, one f***ing a dragon with human titties....

25 Salmon


Some guy jacking off onto some fish eggs to create a human/salmon hybrid monster. Also group handjob contests.

26 Sex★Machine


Humans modified into motorcycles powered by having sex with them. Also note there are male bikes with female riders...

27 Shibuya Goldfish

Shibuya Goldfish

Giant killer goldfishes...

28 The Ruthless Commander and his Reincarnated Warhorse

The Ruthless Commander and his Reincarnated Warhorse

A BL where one of the men is a horse....

29 Sore wa Tada no Senpai no Chinko

Sore wa Tada no Senpai no Chinko

Cutting off dicks and then keeping them as pets.

30 Sumire 17-sai!!

Sumire 17-sai!!

A middle aged man with a lifesize highschoolgirl handpuppet attending school.

31 Tenshi


Angels with foreskin halo's.

32 Toilet ga Hanako-san

Toilet ga Hanako-san

It's Toilet Girl Hanako. Yes, she's a walking, talking toilet.

33 My Cocky Neighbor

My Cocky Neighbor

Just a guy who transforms into a dildo whenever he leaves his female neighbours room.

34 Yuri Wall

Yuri Wall

Being reincarnated into a wall...


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Bloodlord739 Mar 28, 2021


Good list of things to watch out for! Indeed though Japanese people be into some WEIRD ASS SHIT lol