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Torture in manga

A list of manga containing torture scenes. For spoiler reasons I only include the way of torture.
1 Deadman Wonderland

Deadman Wonderland

Psychological torture, strapped to a table forced to watch videos. And body parts being removed I guess....

2 Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied

Experiments performed on little girls, like getting hit by a cannonball.

3 Embrace the Twilight

Embrace the Twilight

A person is being held under water (head in bucket) by force.

4 Goumon Tournament

Goumon Tournament

Torture is a game in this manga, beatings, hammers, shooting, sawing off arms, etc.

5 Innocent


*This is about executioners, theres medical stuff about how to inflict torture without killing someone.

6 Innocent Rouge

Innocent Rouge

*Same as the prequel, more about executioners, theres medical stuff about how to inflict torture without killing someone.

7 Kangoku Jikken

Kangoku Jikken

Torture is a game in this manga so expect all forms of torture. Starvation, thirst, beatings, sledgehammers, etc.

8 Kichikujima


Fingernails being removed.

9 Love in Hell

Love in Hell

Torture in hell by being killed in horrible ways in order to earn money. However torture with a comedic overtone.

10 Mina-sama no Omocha desu

Mina-sama no Omocha desu

* Boy kidnapped by women who get off on torturing him. Fingernails ripped off etc.

11 Perfect Victim

Perfect Victim

Pulling out teeth, not done by a dentist of course.

12 Shimauma


Lots of torture, it is a big part of the manga. Beating, rape, gasoline + fire, guy in drag raping, blowtorch, hammers, everything you can think of.

13 The Silent Concubine

The Silent Concubine

*Made to kneel for hours, needle torture, has his arms tied to a pole so he's suspended in midair while he's cut with a sword, forced to drink poison....

14 Sow


* Men are tortured to death, one of the things being raped to death.

15 Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul

Toes being cut off, centipdes in ears, somewhere around chapter 61.

16 Zanmu: Labyrinth

Zanmu: Labyrinth

Sawing off limbs.


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