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Look Both Ways Before Crossing (Anime)

Look both ways before crossing the road, because the number 1 source for kick starting a story are traffic deaths. This list excludes deaths from the serial killer known as Truck-kun. (See my other list for those)
1 Bleach


Car-san hit another person in episode 2.

2 Hanada Shounen-shi

Hanada Shounen-shi

A three wheeled pick-up truck was the culprit in chapter 1.

3 KonoSuba – God's blessing on this wonderful world!

KonoSuba – God's blessing on this wonderful world!

A tractor in episode 1. The most embarassing traffic death.

4 Meiji Tokyo Renka

Meiji Tokyo Renka

A 18th century truck-kun (horse and carriage) recklessly driving to get that kill. Episode 1.

5 Monster


Car-san found another victim in episode 15.

6 Mr. Love: Queen's Choice

Mr. Love: Queen's Choice

Car-san tried twice, but failed. Appearance in episode 1.

7 Noragami


A rare appearance of Truck-kun's brother, Bus-san, who tries to join in the family fun. Episode 1.

8 Parasyte -the maxim-

Parasyte -the maxim-

Car-san tried in episode 1 but failed.

9 Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal

Car-san almost had another victim in episode 5.

10 SK8 the Infinity

SK8 the Infinity

Car-san is at it again, appearance in episode 10.

11 Steins;Gate


Another victim for Car-san, episode 13.

12 Wise Man’s Grandchild

Wise Man’s Grandchild

*Beep Beep* goes the minivan in episode 1.

13 Youkai Watch

Youkai Watch

Car-san found another reckless road crossing victim, in chapter 25.

14 Yu Yu Hakusho

Yu Yu Hakusho

A sports car in episode 1.


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MangaBliss Jul 9, 2020

Victim gets hit by a car and lives in episode 15 of Monster.

MangaBliss Jun 27, 2020

A little girl almost gets hit by a car in Parasyte episode 1. 

MangaBliss Jun 26, 2020

Steins;Gate the same person dies twice by car and once by subway in alternate time lines.

In The Girl Who Lept Through Time I believe 3 people would have died by subway in an alternate timeline. 

MangaBliss Jun 26, 2020

Do alternate time lines count?