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DAMN, That Anime is Bad

List of anime from the 'DAMN, That Anime Is Bad' Club. (DTAB) I've watched. In order from passable to 'what the hell did I watch?' Feel free to join the club on the AP forums & Discord!
1 Doggy Poo

Doggy Poo

A talking dogshit...but surprisingly well made. A good story about the circle of life, great stop motion and those feels.... 3,75 / 5 stars

2 Papillon Rose OVA

Papillon Rose OVA

Not bad, it is a parody so don't take it so seriously.

3 / 5 stars

3 The Tokyo Project

The Tokyo Project

Not bad, not bad at all, great 80's Jazz and Guitar riffs and one bad ass main char who can't get hurt even by a nuclear explosion. 3 / 5 stars

4 Calamity of a Zombie Girl

Calamity of a Zombie Girl

Quite a fun watch if you like explicit violence and lots of nudity. 3 / 5 stars

5 Iron Virgin Jun

Iron Virgin Jun

Funniest shit in a while, a buff princess kicking ass while doing some wrestling moves. And the bad guys got animals as penisses! 3/5 stars

6 Kekko Kamen

Kekko Kamen

Hilarious. Nazis, great 80s music, 95% nipple close-ups and the muff-o-cation-technique.

2,5 / 5 stars

7 Butt Attack Punisher Girl Gautaman R

Butt Attack Punisher Girl Gautaman R

Oh lord Buddah...this is way more of everything compared to part 1. The creators especially went all out with the nudity and the Yuri stuff. This was hilariously bad with all the implied sex stuff.

2,5 / 5

8 Kimera


Not that bad, just a shame they haven't made her a guy but chickened out and made her a girl halfway through. Music is good and the gore is good. But the evil guy had a 10 minute rant. 2,5 / 5

9 Phantom Yuusha Densetsu

Phantom Yuusha Densetsu

Eh not bad, 80s music, violence, sex/nudity, but heavy on the exposition, also a badass main char. 2,5 / 5 stars

10 Black Lion

Black Lion

Aliens, ninjas and the terminator in a 90s violence filled OVA. Terrible but fun. 2,5 stars

11 The Hard: Bounty Hunter

The Hard: Bounty Hunter

A typical 90's OVA, violence, buff men, shooting and boobies. And somewhere, I think, a plot containing Ninja Doctor Priests. 2,5 / 5

12 Mask Of Zeguy

Mask Of Zeguy

Part two had alot more dumb moments as part 1, but overall still not that bad of a show

2,5 / 5 star

13 Micro Teukgongdae Diatron 5

Micro Teukgongdae Diatron 5

More Korean shit, same looking chars, same plot, same horrible sound effects and same horrible dubbing. And dont get me started about the story. 1/ 5 stars

14 Butt Attack Punisher Girl Gautaman

Butt Attack Punisher Girl Gautaman

A girl fighting with her butt and a bunch of movie references.

2 / 5 stars

15 Wild 7

Wild 7

7 death row inmates working for the police and killing criminals on their motorcycles? Hell yeah, unfortunally the second OVA drops in the amount of stupid violence to create some stupid plot about murdering a guy because he is a murderer. 2 / 5 stars

16 Zettai Junpaku: Mahou Shoujo

Zettai Junpaku: Mahou Shoujo

Cuz' titties....good animation/music but no story (no surprise in 5 mins) and just a bunch of titty close-ups. 4/10

17 Asa Made Jugyou Chu!

Asa Made Jugyou Chu!

Something happened and he crossdresses and is stuck with some S&M huge breasted lady who strips whenever she has the posibility.This show was all titties and a little beyond.

Art 10/10 , not a minute without boobs and panties

Sound 6/10 ..the boings were 10/10 but his voice 1/10

Overall...5/5 fapfest...but a 2/5 anime rating

18 Call Me Tonight

Call Me Tonight

No idea what the callcenter stuff was about. Monster was cool but lacked some gore. Music was 90s good. And I laughed at the plot twist at the end. 2 / 5

19 Chainsaw Maid

Chainsaw Maid

Clay zombies getting f***ed up by a chainsaw....muchos gore.

2 / 5 stars

20 Dog Soldier: Shadows of the Past

Dog Soldier: Shadows of the Past

Cliché after cliché in this incredibly bland OVA. 2/5 stars

21 Haru no Ashioto The Movie: Ourin Dakkan

Haru no Ashioto The Movie: Ourin Dakkan

Not terrible but simply not funny. 2/5 star

22 MD Geist

MD Geist

Explosions! Melting faces! More explosion! And the manliest main guy ever...but no idea what happened. 2 out of 5 just because of all the violence and the epic 80`s music.

23 Be-Boy Kidnapp'n Idol

Be-Boy Kidnapp'n Idol

''This is riders love''

Not that bad, just rushed and doesnt make much sense as to why they let him go.  2 /5

24 Cosmos Pink Shock

Cosmos Pink Shock

Story? Nah, just some underage girl flying through space for some reason. Not enough 80s in my 80s OVA. Quite forgetabble crap. 2/5 stars

25 Baoh


2 / 5 stars

26 Ao Oni The Animation Movie

Ao Oni The Animation Movie

Not that incredibly bad, the VA's are good, music is okay, story is meh/ok. But oh god that CG animation. 2 / 5 stars.

27 Dragon Knight

Dragon Knight

2 / 5 stars

28 Dragon Century

Dragon Century

2 / 5 stars

29 Demon Hunter Makaryuudo

Demon Hunter Makaryuudo

Snoooozee 2 /5 stars

30 Mad Bull 34

Mad Bull 34

Mad Bull, the prostitute visiting, trigger happy detective. WITH CROTCH GRENADES! AND TOPPLING TANKS! Shame it went slowly downhill from the first episode towards the trainwreck of the last episode.

1,5 / 5 stars

31 Garzey's Wing

Garzey's Wing

The pacing is horrible, it feels like the OVA's are played at 4x speed so you have no idea what is going on. At least the dub saves a lot, because the acting is terrible and the main voice actor is as confused as the audience. Where am I? What is this? Who are you? What is going on? Ah no fighting! 1,5 / 5 stars.

32 Psychic Wars

Psychic Wars

Super saiyan wars...sorry...super psychic wars! I like the music and the way it edited in...crappy. I like the demon and friend VA, they crack me up since they are way to much into this OVA. I like the SSJ rip off. Nothing however was explained and the went from 1 scene to another like they cut out half of it.

0,5 + 0,5 bonus for the dickpunchscene +0,5 bonus for the friend and horse = 1,5 / 5 stars

33 Sin: The Movie

Sin: The Movie

The out of sync stuff was really annoying.The dubs were awfull, they all sounded bored as hell. Alot of clichés but I can let that slide. There was like. But I got no idea why she created those monsters, revenge for her mutant father? The sub version probally is 100 times better.

1,5 / 5 stars

34 Wicked City

Wicked City

Okay this movie was kinda boring and 1/3 of it was filled with sex. Too few gore, too much rape, too few emotions. The only plus points of these movie were squirting spider vagina and stomach vagina.

2 / 5 stars

35 Sword for Truth

Sword for Truth

They just cut of the movie half way. They also seemed to believe I would care or remember something what was for 10 seconds in the frame. Well they were wrong. All I know is there was a princess, some sword, hero guy slicing stuff in half and hulkman (he lived through this?). So the story was hard to follow.

1,5 / 5 stars

36 Kennel Tokorozawa

Kennel Tokorozawa

Dog boners, anal squid sucking, a love triangle between a pervy grandpa and a dog and multiple suicides depression talks. And nudity ofc. Best thing of this OVA is Jimmy and his voice acting and Rin Tin Tin his pervertness....HEKO HEKO!

1,25 / 5 stars

37 Kagaku na Yatsura

Kagaku na Yatsura

BOOOOBS...and titty milking. Accompied by clapping sounds, because boobs sound like a guy clapping in  his hands.

1 / 5 stars

38 The Asylum Session

The Asylum Session

Incoherent and rather boring story. So many questions about that the hell is going on. 1 / 5 stars.

39 Alice


So bad it is funny? Not really. Crazy old guy made a sex clone which goes rogue. Lots of random sex.

1 / 5 stars

40 Ultimate Teacher

Ultimate Teacher

This was the most random crap Ive watched, maybe with subs it would make a little more sense but I doubt that.

1 / 5 stars



A classic Takano short made out of clay figurines full of violance and elementary-grade humor.

1/5 stars

42 The Dark Myth

The Dark Myth

The Dark much talking so much names, so much mythology, japanese, chinese whatever throw everything together. A real snoozefest 1/5 stars

43 Onara Gorou

Onara Gorou

A show about talking farts..... 1/5 stars

44 Spectral Force

Spectral Force

Worst animation ever, still frames and bobbing heads all over the place.

1 / 5 star

45 Mujaki no Rakuen

Mujaki no Rakuen

Creepy pervert dry humping 10 year olds...Edit after ep 3: Underage ''blowjobs'' and titty sucking....ugh....delete browserhistory [YES]. Delete brain memory [YES]

0,5 / 5 stars

46 Mars of Destruction

Mars of Destruction

Lots of gore, too few nudity, lazy animation by using lots of still frames, cool classical music but half the OVA is silent. And the idea what happened and I dont care what happened.

0,5 / 5 star

47 Tenkuu Danzai Skelter Heaven

Tenkuu Danzai Skelter Heaven

Sloppy editting, horrible and I mean HORRIBLE CGI and some weird romance right in the middle of battle confessions/flashbacks. The only good thing was the ending when the screen went black. This one is even worse as Mars of Destruction.

0,25 / 5

48 Chargeman Ken!

Chargeman Ken!

CHAARGIIIIING GOOOO! Still frames, re-using the same pic multiple times and moving the camera to create ''moving effects''. And half the time the sound effects dissappear. But don't worry every episode you get the full lenght never changing transformation scene. While the song is good it gets old very quickly as it is played every episode for 3 out of 5 minutes.

49 Apocalypse Zero

Apocalypse Zero

Coherent and well paced, that is a big shocker for 90's OVA's. The dub was horrible but the original was very good. And total bonkers weird with giant penis and titty monsters. 2,5 / 5 stars

50 Cipher


Oh god we spend all money on these music licenses, so now we got these cheap actors who are the worst... don't worry, just play the music VERY LOUD AND DONT LET THEM SPEAK. Also pad the runtime with 20 minutes of how this was made. 1/5 stars


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