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Anime characters killed by Truck-kun

A list of anime where Japan's number 1 serial killer, Truck-kun, appears and tries to take another life - but it doesn't always succeed. The suspect's description: a big, white truck with black tinted windows, often found...

Big Franchises seen

List of big franchises I've seen (+100 episodes). Total episode count: 3.165 (excluding specials/movies)

DAMN, That Anime is Bad

List of anime from the 'DAMN, That Anime Is Bad' Club. (DTAB) I've watched. In order from passable to 'what the hell did I watch?' Feel free to join the club on the AP forums & Discord!

Evil-ish main characters (anime)

A list of anime with evil/ruthless main characters.

Favourite Anime (in order)

Favourite Anime (4,5 star and up) (in order, sort of) Favourite themes: Action, Gore, Thriller/Horror, Comedy.

Incomplete anime

A list of anime which did not get a sequel season nor a (satisfying) ending.