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OrangeZodiacBoi Dec 1, 2015

Thanks for the advice, it was indeed helpful.

Zaig Sep 18, 2015

Yeah, I saw your question in the manga requests thread. I took care of it, thanks.

goinbacktotangier Aug 6, 2015

heyo, dank je wel for the addition. I couldn't find out the number of chapters either, all I can tell you is that the first three volumes have 14 chapters altogether (4, 4, 6).

thor123 May 27, 2015

oh wacht, een noorderbuur? had ik nog niet eens gezien O.O en ja, ik ben dus vlaming, en nee, naar Mujaki no Rakuen kijk ik nooit mee 

thor123 May 23, 2015

just saw Dragonball in 30 seconds, can't say it's what I expected though :/ 

Mirai Nikki on the other hand is really accurate