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iTeokure Apr 25, 2018

Half & Half's oneshot version featured truck-kun instead of the girl commiting suicide on the first chapter.

As for Kazuki Tsuda (Suzuka's love interest..) i guess ill be re-reading the manga to find out Its chapter

What i know is that Kazuki tsuda confessed to Suzuka just before the National Tournament. And he got hit by truck-kun as he went to go get his spike-shoes

Ill just add here Rudeus Greyrat got rekt by Truck-kun before reincarnating to another world in Mushoku Tensei

CabbageshitSama Mar 3, 2018

The great Cabbageshit-sama has followed you. You have been blessed... FUMU!!!

FindEldorado Jan 5, 2018

No problem fellow dutchie ^_^

Etue Dec 13, 2017

Poi poi poi 

SonicFan3 Mar 21, 2017

Thank you for the link to the Manga I was missing from SMT/Persona list!