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SONNYxq Oct 27, 2020

Hi there! Great Truck-kun Anime & Manga list ;D

F34RComivity Jul 26, 2020

Truck-kun is beautiful 

MangaBliss Jun 26, 2020

You're welcome and I'll keep an eye out for him I have a feeling he will show up again soon. 

kitty176 May 18, 2020


I'm a new user so I apologize in advance if my question is not necessary. I was wondering how you go about adding webtoons because I noticed some webtoons are not on the website for ex. EDITH by Swansgarden?

Thank you!

Crizy May 3, 2020

Np, it is everyone's duty to track all of Truck-kun's mischiefs and do our best to stop this hideous criminal.