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F34RComivity Jul 26, 2020

Truck-kun is beautiful 

MangaBliss Jun 26, 2020

You're welcome and I'll keep an eye out for him I have a feeling he will show up again soon. 

kitty176 May 18, 2020


I'm a new user so I apologize in advance if my question is not necessary. I was wondering how you go about adding webtoons because I noticed some webtoons are not on the website for ex. EDITH by Swansgarden?

Thank you!

Crizy May 3, 2020

Np, it is everyone's duty to track all of Truck-kun's mischiefs and do our best to stop this hideous criminal.

Crizy Apr 24, 2020

Wherever he goes,

Wherever he rolls,

Wherever you are,

End is you die.

To the most wanted S rank assassin: Truck-kun