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Essentially these OVA's go back to the original harem madness that Ken Akamatsu does best and with Anya now joining the fray we see even more ridiculousness as the girls try to claim Negi.
This anime skips the Mahora Festival arc and jumps straight to the end of the 'boss fight' with Chao. The episodes focus entirely on the summer for Negi, Kotaro and all the girls of 3-A. We see the arrival of Anya, the members of the Negima club get challenged for their spot in the club and we see how the various girls spend their vacation.
As a fan of the manga it was nice to see the girls in action once again and as a huge fan of Kotaro it was nice to finally see him take his rightful place in the animation.
However the director still seems to be in the Negima!? mode and some of the camera shots feel completely pointless; for example in one episode where Yue and Nodoka are speaking, there is a camera shot of just their 'cowlicks' which works well in the 'stupidness' that is Negima!? but for the actual series it feels too silly even for the harem craziness.
Despite all this, finally seeing Kotaro and Eva's resort in animation make up for this which is why i'm not marking it down as much.

7/10 story
6/10 animation
8/10 sound
8/10 characters
7/10 overall
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