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To Your Eternity

May 3, 2021

Warning, while I remember to write so, but I am yet to finish reading. As I write, I am on chapter 99.

I'm not one for long reviews unless I have finished the manga/anime, but this one is spectacular. Not in the way I normally grow attached to series, but this is the most devastatingly splendid manga in so many ways. 

Characters: Our main character, Fushi, learns, grows, and develops so much throughout it He is surrounded by an incredible amount of characters, who are all different and are all human. Even Fushi, an immortal, shows so many features that are uniquely human- faults, charms, all the like- and he never stops learning. Each character is individual and you grow so easily attached (although, I must advise against it)

Art: the art is wonderful. Charming, with lots of details. It’s sweet and suits the series' feeling and attitude well. Each and every character is well-made both personality-wise and in their art.

Story: The story is wonderful. It's so well crafted and immensely hard to put down. The melancholy feeling constantly surrounding it doesn't do much to stop this. In the plot being about an immortal who can 'inherit' the forms of those who have had a strong impression on him, it would be little surprise that many people die. You will likely grow attached, and it's no surprise that you will lose the characters that you grow attached to. However, you can be sure that they are continuously well-loved, even after their death, which makes it less hard. Yet, even in so much sadness, it still continues, and it's always interesting. 

I am beginning to waffle, so I will sum it up. This story is fascinating, the characters are beautiful, the art is lovely, but over all, the experience of 'witnessing' this story is inexplicably unique. I would recommend this with all my heart, as, despite the story being perhaps tough in terms of characters, it is wonderful to see all that happens. It is splendid.

10/10 story
9/10 art
10/10 characters
10/10 overall

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