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PentagoneFox Dec 20, 2018

Happy Birthday!!

Ashsforever May 3, 2018

Yeah, I know 100% wixoss and Tokyo magnitude are sad, I wasnt too sure about mayoiga since I watched it awhile back haha

Ashsforever May 2, 2018

All 3 of those are miserably sad, Because Sadness is 10/10

Ashsforever May 2, 2018

& Nah your list isnt confusing, I dont put second seasons or special eps as mine because I dont want them to count as their own anime and it confuses a lot of people xD they think I only watch 1 season of every show

Ashsforever May 2, 2018

You seem to have a lot of comedies on your list, but don't seem to enjoy any of them, which makes me sorta glad because comedies aren't my thing either!

Selector wixoss is an anime I swear by and that I reccomend to anyone passing, it's my favourite anime and so far nobody ive pestered into watching it dislikes it, so id suggest giving it a run, its got a great plot, outstanding plot twists, and its dark!

Tokyo magnitide 8.0 is one with decently questionable art but as you watch it it doesnt seem as bad because the anime itself is a masterpiece. It's an amazingly executed show that tries to showcase the words "You cant undo anything,". So while in shows you can undo bad happenings, magnitude is one of the few that doesnt. 

Mayoiga is questionable at first but gets really deep as the story continues and has many psychological aspects I wont spoil. I really enjoyed this one but it's not for everyone