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The Twins' New Life

May 1, 2021

I see a lot of people going on about how they act like 5 year olds when they claim to be 23 year olds, but you guys have to remember, they were abused for five straight years and since they were in child bodies they were also helpless. Because of this their mental age probably deteriorated. Abuse does these things to you, guys. Especially when you can't do anything about it! I have also noticed people saying that their weak and because they were abused they should get "stronger" but how can they do that when they have so much trauma. Also, they probably place their trust in the wrong people and mistake kindness for hypocrisy because they have been put through pure misery for five staright years and haven't felt kindness in a long time.

8/10 story
8/10 art
9/10 characters
9/10 overall

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ChillAris May 7, 2021

That's a joke, right? If you're reincarnated, especially as an 18 year old, and knowing of your past life, the only thing hurt is you physically and your ego. They feel as though they are hurting a body they possess, not them themselves. I hate how the author tried to justify the emperor being a TERRIBLE parent to Arhen and Arienne with an imperial family contract. Have they forgot that letters and messangers exist and that they can get people to secretly spy and comfort his two children with letters, etc?! They don't act mature in the slightest, they act like idiots 70% - 90% of the time (except for Arhen sometimes thinking with his brain and not his heart). As 18 year olds, you'd think they'd be more strategic. No, being abused up to 5 wouldn't deteriorate their mental age. Their mental age before being reincarnated was probably a mix of 6 and 12..