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Wu Dong Qiankun

May 11, 2022

Wu Dong Qiankun the novel is, so far (I am still reading it), excellent. The story has proven to be interesting, action packed, moving, and most of all well written. The characters are well developed and don't all feel like cliches or templates as is the case with some cultivation novels or anime I've read/watched. The pacing of the story is good, the events believable and captivating. Sadly this is a review of the anime and not the novel.

Before I review the show itself, let me say this. I tried to find a decent version of the show; however, all the ones I found had the same issue. Entire chunks of dialogue were simply not translated. That's simply not okay. It makes watching the show a guessing game of what's happening.

Now let's talk about the anime Wu Du Qiankun. The biggest issue I found after watching 5 episodes is that the studio took the original story and butchered it. What they chose to do for this anime was to take an outline of the general concepts and events of the original novel, and then fill in the rest with their own version of the story. They removed quite a few characters, changed almost every detail of the major events so far as I watched, and ignored many character and story building elements to time skip from one major event to the next. What we are left with is a decent action cultivation anime; however, one that is severly lacking compared to the novel.

On the note of animation, the actual animations aren't horrible, but they aren't great either. And there were some very questionable artistic choices.

As for sound, I am not really qualified to review it. I never noticed any problems. Voices sounded fine as well. I am not picky with sound or music, and skip all opening and closing music, so I have left sound unreviewed.

Finally the characters... oh the characters. Aside from the missing characters who are at least somewhat important if not important flat out, the ones in the show aren't quite right from the novel. The MC is well done; however, aside from him most of the others are portrayed at least somewhat if not a good bit different from their novel versions and it results in them seeming less well thought out and developed. Moreover, because so many characters are missing, and some events, we don't see the character development that's supposed to be happening with the MC and those around him. Instead we are asked to assume it happens in the background as the show skips entire chunks of "time" without even hinting time has passed.

Overall, this show proved to be a VERY lackluster attempt at adapting a very good cultivation novel. I would highly recommend that if you are looking for a cultivation story, you read the novel, or watch another anime. However, if you just want an action show with some okay story and characters you will probably still be able to enjoy this.

3/10 story
4/10 animation
?/10 sound
7/10 characters
4/10 overall
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