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stardust2222 May 23, 2021

Do you love koro sensei and Spider-Man 

stardust2222 May 23, 2021

Who wins ALL MIGHT versus HOMELANDER in a fight to the death 

stardust2222 May 23, 2021

Behold unbreakable fights the unstoppable 

PrimrosePath May 21, 2021

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni would probably be to your liking, given the things you have rated highly. It is a psychological/horror/thriller/mystery. Normally, solving mysteries in anime is a cake walk for me, but this one is an exception. As for Kakegurui, it is one of those series one either loves or hates, no in between. I hated it, but now, I love it. It is very dramatic and edgy, but there is a lot of hidden symbolism and valuable messaging in it, if one looks closer. Kakegurui means "compulsive gambler", if I recall correctly. Finally, Love Live! is a very light-hearted series in which girls become school idols and compete. It is the type of series I normally dislike, yet I like it. I would recommend trying them all, but I cannot guarantee you will like them, of course.