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ronald69mcdonald May 30, 2021

Ah, and I'm sure you understand who I was talking about now, but yes--I was referring to Bubble Girl. I had to search her up again just to find my own review, because they aren't shown on my profile. Either that, or I'm not smart, which is also a likely possibility. Anyway, my main point was, if you think My Hero is bad, anime in general is typically worse. At least most of the characters look over 18.

ronald69mcdonald May 30, 2021

Ahh, okay. It was commented on Bubble Girl's profile, so I guess that's my bad. I probably shouldn't take it out on you personally, but I am tired of seeing the same criticisms about My Hero Academia's over-sexualization, when it's honestly not that bad. I'm not going to repeat the same reasons as to why, which I said earlier, though. I don't think it makes sense to comment on a character's profile that isn't related to them, though, and to be surprised when that gets confused with something else. This is still my fault, but if it's Momo you don't like, why not leave that review on Momo? It does make sense as to why people dislike her outfit, but it also makes sense as to why it's designed the way that it is. Plus, it's not like she can get offended by it, since she doesn't exist. Anyway, once again, I apologize, and have a good day.

LaLeona May 26, 2021

Oh okay, I see. I'm sorry for misinterpreting. And I understand, her fandom can be really toxic, as long as others who really hate her character. I was just trying to open a civil conversation about her with other users to be more objective. Nobody should be harassed over their opinions, and I respect that you dislike Mikasa.

stardust2222 May 26, 2021

If you could have your greatest wish granted what would you wish for 

stardust2222 May 23, 2021

You may think that song and dance is dated boating and dry