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Oct 16, 2020

BIASED REVIEW ALERT, If you love the show than great just ignore this because I wouldn't understand. But to those who plan to go into this anime completely blind like I did, this might be for you.

I have to say that this is sadly 100% without any doubt the absolute worst anime I've ever seen start-finish in my life.. I hate to even say that because I've come to love dozens of anime (I've seen over 100 now), and I've never expected to dislike this one so much. I don't even know why I continued to watch it, I guess it's because it's short and I started to skim thru by the time I was on episode 5 or 6. Overall I just feel like this anime wasn't for me. The high ratings this anime recieved makes no sense at all to me, so I'm more likely to suspect it's a strong difference in taste and not necessarly the fault of the anime.

Anyway you probably wouldn't agree with me if you're a fan, but here's what I didn't like about the anime.

1. The CGI - I hate when anime uses noticeable CGI. It's not entirely bad here but you see it often, and it honestly makes me enjoy an anime a lot less. With that said I completely don't care what their budget was, CGI seriously doesn't look right at all in anime where it's more in focus. If CGI is only used sparingly for small background details, and it isn't a center focus than that's perfect in my opinion. I would always prefer that much more if the team at all feels like they need to resort to it.

2. Dark Humor/Grotesque Violence - There is a lot of dark humor and grotesque violence here, that it was way too much for me to swallow. It was on the limit of being too gross and completely hard to watch for me. I get that it's kind of cool when anime can go this far, but this even tops Gantz (and I think that was the most violent one I've seen before this) though I actually rate that one much higher than Dorohedoro, because it has a way more interesting premise behind it. The characters are a lot more relatable too. Less people seem to agree with me on rating Gantz higher though judging by the difference in ratings these two have recieved.

3. Plain Unappealing Characters - I don't know just straight from the beginning and to the end, I've been trying to figure out who's on the good side, but I haven't. The characters just seem to act like completely non-sensible serial killers without any real goals or motives. Why are some of them even around if a chunk of them barely even do anything at all? Also why do all the characters look like they're from a crazy circus show, and also engage in body building within their spare time. I don't understand it at all. Do the characters not have any sort of humanity either? I realize that maybe that is actually the point, in that everyone has lost their humanity due to the post-apocalyptic world of humans vs sorcerers, and the theme of the show is to tell an extremely violent and crazy story in a dark but humorous manner.. But again not really for me I think.

I've searched online to see if maybe I was the only one who disliked Dorohedoro (seems that way), and noticed some people say that because there isn't technically any antagonist (all of them are crazy), that makes ALL the characters likeable. I'll admit this does sound like a unique idea on paper, but in practice this just made ALL the characters stand out so much less for me. I get that maybe they were trying to make this unique by being different, but it's so hard to relate to any of them. I can't relate to serial killers who seem to show no sense of morality (but again maybe that's not the purpose of this show). With that said I thought the characters would at least show some more compelling reasons, or purpose behind their actions. But instead they all just seem "there" for the sake of being there. Everything just seems so non-sensical, like the show is literally mostly just for shock factor. Kinda like the movie, "The Human Centipede." I also really didn't need an idea like "no antagonists" to like characters in an anime, because I actually think every hated character is redeemable. For example, in Gantz almost everyone talks about their hate for the main character Kei Kurono because he's an asshole. But he redeems himself in later episodes, and shows that he can still grow to be a better person. He makes some very questionable decisions (even towards the end of the anime) but still does his best. I believe that makes him a much stronger and respectable character for holding the values he does. Onto my next point though.

4. Overly Simple Plot - Again maybe this is the point of the show, but I was just NOT grabbed at all by the idea of a guy with a lizard head who has a weird naked man inside his mouth, and that he has a hobby of eating everyone's heads to figure out who that guy is. Why some other people are interested in the lizard guy too? Idk. I know it's basically a mystery story but then again, the whole premise was never really that interesting to me because the anime hardly seems to focus on important aspects, that we all want to know (at least to me). Instead it's just back and forth battles of "We need to kill them, or we need to escape, go here, go there, blah blah blah." At one point nearly a whole episode is even them PLAYING BASEBALL. What..? I don't know.. But the plot just wasn't very engaging at all for me, and I even had started to lose a lot of momentum waiting to see who this lizard guy (AND EVERYONE ELSE) is. You don't even really get to know by the end of it too because it ends on a (fill in the blank)!

So yeah overall, it surely wasn't the best experience I've had watching an anime. Sucks that I had to rate this one so low, because it seemed at least a little bit interesting, and I thought it would be worthwhile during later episodes. That wasn't the case for me though. To me I just kept getting the impression that the show is trying too hard to be "edgy" in every aspect, and I really don't like that. I guess maybe I'm just not the target audience. This show really isn't your usual anime though either. Ah well, everyones bound to not like something. At least I can say I've seen it. Sorry to any fans or those interested I've disappointed with this review, just wanted to share my own honest personal thoughts on it.

Edit (March 17th, 2021): A lot of you may be confused by my review and I may not have worded certain aspects correctly which is understandable, but the anime honestly really triggered me and I had my hopes up. I usually do not finish anime I don't like, but this one confused me enough to the point of wanting to finish it so that I could understand it's appeal. After seeing more than 100 anime at the time of this review, this is the first one I've ever seen where I've felt genuinely confused. The anime is just very all over the place in my opinion, in a way that wasn't making any sense to me. If anyone wants to get a better grasp of my thoughts, I found another review that I feel is more in-depth and "fair" than mine. My review wasn't intended to be a serious one. Just simply a way of expressing my initial thoughts after finishing it.

1/10 story
5/10 animation
5/10 sound
1/10 characters
1/10 overall

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deathevokation Oct 23, 2021

People aren't confused with your review so much as your review is just plain shit.. there's different tastes, there's bad takes, and then there's this which has to be the worst 2 dimensional and irredeemable NPC tier review i've ever seen, what is this trash even? This isn't even an edgy anime. Comparing it to human centipede is so far off I can't take you one bit seriously, that comparison alone was almost enough to make me physically ill, gross tbh.. lol and you started skimming through it.. ofc you wouldn't make sense of it. 

juicebocks Apr 25, 2021

I totally understand the taste difference, I have a friend whos very similar. However if I were you I'd reccomend at least checking out the next season when it's released. A lot of the issues you had, no antagonist, boring story, are all resolved later in the story. However the violence and humor definitely stays, so it might not be for you. All in all I appreciated seeing a viewpoint, that while the extreme opposite of mine, was stated by someone who doesn't think they are an all knowing anime god.

KnownError Mar 15, 2021

lol. You considor this "edgy"? This is pretty low on the "edge" scale, unless you considor a gritty dystopian envrionment "edgy". 0/10 review pandering for likes.

Htieks Mar 7, 2021

"I have to say that this is sadly 100% without any doubt the absolute worst anime I've ever seen start-finish in my life.."

Then you definitely haven't watched much.

Really, I wish people would realize not everything has to be on the extreme end of a scale. I can understand some of your complaints, and while I don't agree with some other points (like unappealing characters), it's an opinion I can still respect. But the whole review is way too hyperbolic to be taken seriously: there are many series that are waaaaay worse for edgy shock value (both in terms of imagery and the pointlessness of it all; e.g. Goblin Slayer), and giving a 1/10 to the plot is just... absurd. Even if it's not your thing, that number should be reserved for things that have no plot at all.

Ultimately I know there's no point to this comment, and I know the feeling of hating something everyone seems to love, but I hope you'll forgive me for saying that reviews like these are about as useful as those heaping perfect scores on every show... which is to say, not much.

natanickii Jan 22, 2021

This review doesn't seem merely biased, it feels like you weren't paying attention AT ALL. The first two points are understandable but the last two make zero sense. 

In terms of plot, you described a specific character's arc, that is also not simple at all. All of the characters are facing their own individual issues because they all have different goals and motivations. Yes, there's no purely good or purely evil but this allows for a great deal of depth in the character. Their backstories are well developed and are great explanations for why they are the way they are. The way the characters are interlinked make for a very intricate plot. 

I genuinely doubt that you paid attention. You said that you found it unengaging but don't straight up lie about it.