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Mecha, Romance, Comedy and Action are my genres of choice. If I really like an anime series i'll rate it 5/5. If its got a crappy ending but is good overall, i rate it 4.5/5. from there i take off for different aspects. If I absolutely hate it or it just doesn't grab my attention i'll stall or won't watch it.

I highly recommend Sono Bisque Doll, Horimiya, Spice and Wolf, Darling in the Franxx, Toradora, Golden Time, Mayo Chiki, and Your Lie in April if you like romance anime.

Fairy Tail, Sword Art Online, Toriko and Gintama are recommended for those who like action and comedy.

I've only watched the first season of both Naruto and Bleach, and don't plan on continuing them.

Dragonball Z, Rurouni Kenshin, Gundam Wing, and Inyuasha are where I began my journey with anime, watching them on Cartoon Network when i was younger.

I read quite a bit of manga now after a friend pushed me into it more. I'm in the middle of a ton of ongoing ones now.....

A little about me:
I'm married to a wonderful wife who suffers from a genetic disorder called Ehler Danlos Syndrome. It makes things hard for her but we do our best to take things slow and work through it together. I work as a Machinist and she works as a Dice Maker for tabletop games. We own our own home and we love Toyotas and own 3 (2003 Corolla, 2021 Corolla, and 2015 Tacoma). I go 4x4ing in my Tacoma, play video games, and watch Anime in my free time. Sometimes we watch shows together, such as Demon Slayer, Bofuri, and Full Metal Alchemist.

If you've never heard of Ehler Danlos Syndrome, please look it up and help spread awareness.


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ianimefeebz Aug 19, 2020

Yeah same binging is the way to go during these quarantines!

Ooh guilty crown is an old favourite :) been many years though!

ianimefeebz Aug 16, 2020

Woooooow hey there.. been uhh 7 years O_O? Doing great! You?

Yes I tried watching it but ended up stopping after 2-3 episodes, had a bit too much fan service. 

I'd highly recommend Eizokuen for some good comedy!

Kaltos May 9, 2014

Yes, yes I can. However, it was nice talking to you, too. See ya. 

Kaltos May 3, 2014

Premise means nothing if the execution is not done successfully, and carries the point, definition, and message of the premise across. Imocho might as well not have a premise, for it did not manage to get that across at all. It simply slipped under a sea of fan service and bad plot, writing, and character development. I don't see how having any premise at all, even if it is unique, will help it's case. So, therefore, it is not unique except from the first five seconds, maybe. It doesn't matter how new you think it is: many shows have started with new premises, and then ruined them completely by bad execution and overdone cliches/fan service. 

Either way, this has been done before. They start off with something interesting, and then destroy it with bad planning. 

Kaltos Apr 24, 2014

Original? Exactly how? I wasn't paying much attention to the content after I saw it's "original" ecchi scenes. I don't think there's a point to that, and the relationship doesn't build upon itself: it's just one stupid or perverted scene after another. This isn't a romcom: it screams ghost rape to me more than anything else.