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Hello everyone! Welcome to my page! I have been watching anime since I was about 7 but did not get really into it until I was 14. I consider Girls Bravo to be the first  true anime I have ever watched and I did not think it was bad but I did not like it very much either. It was not until I watched Clannad for the first time that I really fell in love with anime. After Clannad my love for anime totally booned and It felt like a safe place for me for much of my teenage years. Now I do not watch anime as much as I used to but I still very much so enjoy it! My favorite Genre is the Romance genre so please reccomend me some of your favorites! I would love to check them out. Down below are my top 5 favorite animes of all time. They indeed are subject to change.

1. Clannad: After Story

2. Naruto Shippuden

3. Spy x Family

4. Golden Time

5. Nana

Here's also a small briefing on what my ratings often generally mean.

0.5 - Could not even survive the 1st episode as I found nothing noteworthy in the anime from the characters to the sound design all the way to the animation.

1.0 - Most likely could not finish this anime. Not an anime I would reccomend to anyone for any reason.

1.5 - Not the worst anime but certainly not the best. Even if i finished it the anime is likely lacking in many departments but if a few things where changed its possible the anime could have been saved.

2.0 - Not a bad anime per se, but was not very good either. Must have had a few redeeming qualities most likely being the animation style.

2.5 - Not good or bad but probably had some redeeming moments that I thoroughly enjoyed. Would not reccomend unless the anime is a genre that one prefers.

3.0 - Found it enjoyable and liked it. Probably did not have enough to wow me overall.

3.5 - Close to really good, clearly enjoyed the anime and would most likely reccomend to most people. 

4.0 - Anime that I really enjoyed. What holds the rating back is most likely the ending or animation style. 

4.5 - Close to perfect anime. Most likely enjoyed the entire anime but missed out on a part that I would have prefered gone a bit differently, otherwise it was a amazing anime.

5.0 - The Perfect anime. Typically considered an all time favorite to me and generally has some of my favorite cliches and characters involved. Definetly would reccomend to anyone even if the anime is not a genre preference.

                                                                                          1st anime: Girls Bravo

                                                                                          50th anime: Nana

                                                                                          100th anime: Ajin

                                                                                          150th anime: Spy X Family

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lindapearl Aug 22, 2022

Seems like you watched most of the romance anime I would recommend so I recommend my top 5 favorite anime. They are Yu Yu Hakusho, Hakuouki, Betrayal Knows My Name, and Rurouni Kenshin. You already seen Black Butler. While looking at your list I noticed you watched a lot of anime multiple times. Some even says you watched it 30x. Did you really watch it that many times?

lindapearl Aug 7, 2022

Hello. Nice to meet you as well. Welcome to anime planet