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How not to write female characters

This list is a list of anime females who have terrible writing that makes them hatable or unlikable


Most of the anime she was manipulative and at one point had sex with the main character when he was at his lowest point. Her redemption came farĀ  too late and I felt like it didn't matter and her death was just cheap shock factor.



Oh boy one of the worst Tritagonist I have ever laid my eyes on. One she is naive the entire series. The second reason is that she never really develops past her princess trope and spends literally 9 out of 12 episodes in the second season in a coma.

Also according to something I read on tumlbr Mars still suffers the same problems so yeah Good Job Ass-hime~

3 Shirley FENETTE


Oh boy where to start with this travesty of a character. For starters I have nothing against love interests or normal school girls or civilian characters its what the writers does with them that decides wither a person like me loves or hates the said character.

The thing with Shirley is that she is just used as a cheap plot device for both seasons of the anime for forced melodrama and tragic romance. I just feel like they made her more important than she should've been especailly with the lack of character development. You know you screwed up when a cat has more character development than your supposed "Important" love interest. Legit all the student council had development in the form of novels/sound dramas/in the anime itself. While Shirley on the other hand is all about "Lelouch this and Lelouch that" we never hear anything about her past or about her family like the rest of the council she is only used for terrible love schtick comedy.

And the director stated the only reason she lives in the movies cause he couldn't fit in the Mao arc in the movie and thats why she only has like 10 minutes of screentime during the entire trilogy. So I honestly think its safe to say that both me and the director himself hates her.



The biggest doormat in the anime verse heck Subaru gave her a knife that could kill them, but she was like "lol nah gonna stay and continued to get gang fanged".


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