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Girls' Last Tour

Feb 10, 2019

Girls Last Tour features two young girls, Chito and Yuuri, whom slowly weld their way into your heart as you get to know them and follow them along on their journey. Despite how hopeless and desolate their situation is, they don't give up and continue forward, fighting to survive and hold onto hope that perhaps they'll discover something different up ahead. 

Despite the depressing premise, it's not a story that's overtly intense or action-packed. This is not the story for you if that's the expectation you have, or the type of media you crave. 

(Spoilers from here on out, yes you should watch it.) 

This story will make you reflect on things you've taken for granted. It will teach you that even in a situation as hopeless as the one Chito and Yuuri are in, that there's ways to find joy and hope in simple small things. Even Iishi and Kanazawa, who were more worn down by the hopelessness and isolation they experienced from being alone for so long, tried their best in their own ways to turn their situation into something less bleak. They gave themselves a purpose in order to continue onward. 

Chito and Yuuri's relationship is very close and special. They may fight and bicker sometimes, but in the end they always laugh it off and continue onwards. As the story progresses, you find yourself loving their pure interactions and cheering for both of them. The following will be my personal opinion, but I believe there was more to Chito and Yuuri's relationship than just friendship. Especially that final scene in the last episode where:

They held hands and stared at each other in a very intimate way for way too long as they confessed that, as long as they had each other nothing else would matter. Not even the world ending. 

In my opinion that scene was definately queer-coded, and no one will convince me otherwise. 

Besides the characters, my favorite part was the overall music and soundtrack. I found myself bopping to the opening and dancing along with the girls at the start. Whenever the soundtrack played during the episode, I'd feel the emotions of the track along with whatever was happening with the scene. I would get strong feelings of dread, sadness, or joy depending. It was very powerful and one of the strong suits of the anime for certain. 

The art style on the other hand was relatively simple and suited the whole premise/idea that the anime stood for. The backgrounds were plain for the most part, which again suited the cutesty moe-blob in a post-apoctalyptic world. The animation wasn't that great, as a lot of the time the characters or background was stagnant. There would be times where the animation was janky as it skipped to bad CGI of Chito or Yuuri and then back to regular animation again. This usually happened as they were riding their Kettenkrad. Despite this, it wasn't enough to ruin the whole experience for me and I was able to continue on with a mild annoyance when it did occur. 

I close off my review of Girls Last Tour with a sense of sadness. These girls had become special to me in a way I did not expect. They are still continuing onward in their journey to the top, and eventually the moon itself. But we have a confirmation by the strange AI they encountered that the world is for certain ending, and that they're the only ones left. I find myself wanting to know about these girls, their past, and the world around them, the AI, everything it has to offer, as well as their ending and the climax to their relationship before the true worlds end. It's an intriging story, and definately worth a watch. 

8/10 story
4/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
8/10 overall
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