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A mere existing being who is addicted to Anime & Manga in the reality.

⬇️Here starts my real bio. ⬇️

Robin Roshiki, the name is (Robin as an Otsutsuki clan member or so)


Some common logic we tend to mention in our bio


Before I enter the Anime World, I used to be a fan of every verse existing including K-drama, DC , MCU, American TV series (mainly Supernatural and Grimm) and American comics, especially 💀The Punisher💀 and 🕷️Symbiotes🕷️.

Tbh, I don't play nor like games.


Favourite villains (ranked in how much I like and I just added for fun)

1.🎭Uchiha Obito🎭 (from🍥 Naruto🍥series) 

2. Deathstroke(Slade Wilson) - from the Arrowverse

3. 🛐Lucifer Morningstar🛐 - from DC comics

4. The OP Symbiote king, 😈KNULL😈!!!! - from 🕷️Symbiote🕷️ comics

Well, for superheroes, I don't have a favourite character : every of them has their own abilities and mind.


I'm a big fan of 🇰🇷K-pop🇰🇷 and here are my top bands and my fav members from them -

PLEASE NOTE that I'm kinda choosy for music, so I deeply apologise if I left out any musician who you would like to appear on the screen.

~Them~ I put some pics in case you wanted to know the names by matching the faces. I've put the pics in the order I mentioned above.

*I do not own any of those pictures, it's all thanks to Pinterest and sorts of the kind*


Moreover, here are some other groups I stan, but got no time to attach some pics -


For 🇯🇵J-pop🇯🇵, I'm a a fan of -

Finally, here are some other musicians, I'm a fan of, who be producing different genres-


🤨Well, I am still a middle school student. Therefore, I don't have much time to spend on anime and manga.🤨

Vasco (lookism)
(Vasco from manhwa 'Lookism' and one of my fav characters of da series)


The dude w/ middle part hair in my pfp? It's Minseong Jang from Daytime Star(im really into this straight romance fr).
And the cute little chibi-looking baby in my header photo? It's Demon Lord Beelzebub-sama
(baby beel) from Beelzebub, what a great old-but-gold anime, innit.

You may follow me on Spotify as well : @simply_robin

I will follow you back if you have followed me! Have a good day~!!

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