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A mere existing being who is addicted to Anime & Manga in the reality.

There is one major reason why i don't watch many Isekai animes : I can't stand harem kings, they steal waifus' hearts. TwT

⬆️That is just my one-sided opinion⬆️

⬇️Here starts my real bio. ⬇️

I am Robin Roshiki (Robin as an Otsutsuki clan member, it kinda sounds cool but idiotic, right)
Also, my korean name is Ruk Cha-hyung, but i don't use it widely. :/

I am a 15-years-old dude who is addicted to Anime.


Some common logic we tend to mention in our bio

I am merely in a beginner level in both Anime & Manga as I entered the Anime World in 2020 July.

Before I enter the Anime World, I used to be a fan of every verse existing including K-drama, DC , MCU, American TV series (mainly Supernatural and Grimm) and American comics, especially 💀The Punisher💀 and 🕷️Symbiotes🕷️.

Tbh, I don't play nor like games.


Favourite villains (ranked in how much I like)

1.🎭Uchiha Obito🎭 (from🍥 Naruto🍥series) 

2. Deathstroke(Slade Wilson) - from the Arrowverse

3. 🛐Lucifer Morningstar🛐 - from DC comics

4. The OP Symbiote king, 😈KNULL😈!!!! - from 🕷️Symbiote🕷️ comics

Well, for superheroes, I don't have a favourite character : every of them has their own abilities and mind.


I'm a big fan of 🇰🇷K-pop🇰🇷 and here are my top bands and my fav members from them -

~Them~ I put some pics in case you wanted to know the names by matching the faces. I've put the pics in the order I mentioned above.

*I do not own any of those pictures, it's all thanks to Pinterest and sorts of the kind*


Moreover, here are some other groups I stan, but got no time to attach some pics -


For 🇯🇵J-pop🇯🇵, I'm a a fan of -

Finally, here are some American musicians I'm a fan of basing on the music genres -


🤨Well, I am still a middle school student. Therefore, I don't have much time to spend on anime and manga.🤨


The one in my profile picture? It's Haruto from TREASURE. But no, he ain't my bias. My bias is Bang Yedam, the boy who left TwT

The picture in my header photo is the lyrics wallpaper of Spring Day by BTS.

I will follow you back if you have followed me! Have a good day~!!

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xtartagliax Dec 4, 2022

Thanks for the song recommendations 

hiiroamagi Dec 2, 2022

late response again ahh sorry, im hardly on this website </3

welcome to caratland!! hope ur still enjoying them haha...

my bias is hoshi, bias wreckers are minghao and dino .. theyre all so good. hmm my favorite song is definitely pretty u, mansae is a close second. rock with u is SOO good..kinda fell out of my kpop phase but i still enjoy svt so much, any other kpop groups uve been really into recently? :o

xtartagliax Dec 2, 2022

I'm planning to stan seventeen can you recommend me some seventeen songs. 

xtartagliax Dec 1, 2022

How are you?