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Sestina Jul 21, 2012

I guess no one is offended ... Everyone has some divisible opinion, if someone thought it was a bad opinion I agree with him ^^''. I know that what I wrote is not the objective. Maybe I overdone saying that it is stupid and not funny (oh, I overdone). Maybe there were some nice moments ... Yeah, I should rethink my opinions (very, very). Yes, I'm going to edit this obnoxious comment! ^^

(Sorry I don't know if "overdone" is a good word...I'm not sure if I used it in good shape...My English is a "little" weak.)

This ":P" told me that my comment is bad ^^

roriconfan May 16, 2012

"that reamins cold to the protagonist"

That is a cooldere, not a tsundere.

I didn't like the battles since they were predictable and had no tactics.

It really is about the two main leads and most will admit to that. Almost nobody cares about the rest as the fans were watching this for the most typical romance. You couldn't say that about other shows like FMA or NGE, because they "really" affect the main characters but here they are distant from each other's problems.

And as I said, it is mostly dead time and typical events.

CaoMoo May 2, 2012

Great reviews I'm watching Shakugan No Shana right now and loving it.

Retro Mar 22, 2012

I myself am a person who gets very depressed when anime end which doesnt do me well seeing as i can get through a 24 ep anime in a day. But on your review of FSN i agreed almost completly. Although i still wish that FSN would continue seeing as it was probably the best anime ive seen with its perfect touch to things and to be honest i wish the ending had been the saber had stayed :) but everyone ha their own opinion right? Anyway Good reviews :)

SilentBookworm Sep 3, 2011

Thanks! I'm a bit of a newbie here, so it was a bit surprising lol