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I'm actually impressed by this work.  TL;DR at the bottom. 

Slight spoilers ahead, nothing that will ruin your experience tho. 

Farming life in another world (FL from now on) is exactly what the title says so don't expect an insane story with a complex plot.

Our mc dies in real world after being bed ridden for some time so, after being asked by God how he wants to reincarnate, he decides that he just wants to live a normal life farming his days away. The god being impressed by his request grants him something like a universal farming tool that can transform in any tool he needs and its basically overpowered. Fairly simple Isekai trope of the op main character but it's funny and somewhat interesting. 


What makes FL stand out is how short but wholesome every chapter is. The average length is about 5 pages but almost all of them presents us with a small snippet of their daily lives.

Even tho it's just a slice of life, FL doesn't feel stalled or dragged too much because every chapter advances the "plot" a little. Even if it's just new residents, one of the frequent side characters from far away coming for a visit or just a glimpse of how the residents are doing, they all contribute a little something to the world building by expanding character relations (like knowing how they're positioned in this world) or giving us more information about the rest of the world. It's a fun thing to reminiscence how our MC started alone and living inside a tree and he's now living inside a mansion full of oni maids, holding festivals and drinking with the dwarves. 

FL also has a harem tag. Which is true. Is it abused as a plot line? Not at all. Since chapters are short one chapter touches on our MC not being able to hold his own against so many women but the next he's thinking of bringing more men and after that we might change to something like building a new bathroom so even though it is touched upon we don't dwell on it for cheap laughs (as of chapter 140 he has 2 wives, 2 children and 2 pregnant girls). But as I said this is something that's just mentioned sometimes, maybe one or two chapters dedicated to it but that's it, we move on like adults. 


Let's be honest. Don't expect to be surprised. It is in no way bad or hard to read and ghe author actually has a good grasp of panel distribution and guiding your eyes to what's important, but it's also nothing out of the ordinary and the author sometimes overuse simplification for the sake of humor (this can be good or bad). 



Now this is something that's actually a splitting point. The MC is actually likeable and fairly relatable to most, so no problem there. There's just waaaay too many sidecharacters to remember for something that has short chapters. Between the races we have: Oni, Centaurs, Minotaurs, forest elves, mountain elves, beastmen, lizardfolk, wolves, spiders, harpies, vampires, demons, dragons, dwarves, slimes, angels, dryads, lamias, and some humans (if I'm not forgetting anyone). Each one of them has at least one or two named characters. Some like the dragons have like 7, so overall there are at least 30 SC that are fairly frequent. They all have very distinctive designs, so there's no mistaken them from other races, but it can be a little overwhelming at times seeing someone and not being able to remember from where it came from.




FL is a small story with a very big cast, an MC that gets things done, it's funny and surprisingly dense for such short chapters. It doesn't dwell too much on one topic at a time but it constantly rotates on a very simple formula that works fine. Don't expect a masterpiece but check it out if you want to see an MC build an empire from nothing. 

7/10 story
5/10 art
7/10 characters
6.5/10 overall

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