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Nov 4, 2019

■■■ Story & Characters ■■■

This show is mainly focussed on characters, which I really liked. Most of the characters are unique enough, and pretty memorable. The story is used to drive the interactions between the characters, but the character development itself isn't very deep. The story is kinda dark, but they really try to keep it light-hearted by adding some comedy and character interaction. A few episodes in things start to change, and unfortunately I think that is where some issues appear: The second half of the anime feels pretty different from the first, and didn't make as much of an impact as I was expecting from the plot. It feels like they didn't really know which direction to go. All in all, it's not bad at all, they just could have done more with it.

■■■ Art & Animation ■■■

As usual from Trigger, art and animation is absolutely top-notch. The art-style is bright and colorful, and all characters look really unique. Background art and overall environmental design also are pretty good. Not much else to say here.

■■■ Music, Voice and SFX ■■■

The BGM and SFX didn't really stand out, though it wasn't bad either. Just perfectly fine to set the right atmosphere at the right moment. Voice acting was very good. I personally didn't like the OP or ED at all, though. (OP made me dizzy, man!)

■■■ X factor/ Atmosphere ■■■

It's just good. Not a masterpiece, not trash either. What I enjoyed most were the characters interacting, and the bright and fresh artstyle and animation. I didn't care as much for the story or other elements.

7/10 story
10/10 animation
7/10 sound
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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