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***This a spoiler free review***

So unlike my other reviews where I break down each category and list why and why not I like the anime, I am going to give you a sum of my thoughts. I told myself to finish this anime after I stalled on it and quite honestly, I wish I just left it alone. It is by far one of the slowest moving anime I have ever watched and believe me I have enjoyed and watched anime with almost no plot (Aria). I wanted to like the characters but they just didn't give me anything to grab onto; they were all stale and boring as well as one dimensional. The animation was nice but nothing to write home about. Overall, this show is just below average and quite honestly, not fun to watch. Sorry for such a lame and not well-thought review but I just didn't want to waste time on an anime that could be summed up with "boring".

Enjoyment: 1.5/10

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Awesome Drummer

2/10 story
6/10 animation
4.8/10 sound
2/10 characters
3.7/10 overall

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jkeefer1 Apr 30, 2022

sounds like good show. but for some reason, they blacked the show and some other ones. how do you unblcok the show please and thank you?

flaze Jul 15, 2012

lol I felt almost exactly the same way. I enjoyed the first few eps and then it got really boring so I stopped for about 3 months.