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This for me was one of those delightful surprises that you just happen to come upon with no real hopes and dreams for. My initial thoughts going into Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin were, "Well it cannot be as bad as School Days right?" I was correct; it was infinitely times better.

Story: 7/10

I at first thought the main plot was a little weird but after the first two episodes it started to grow on me. The basic concept of the show is: on an island that boasts a new university for students, the treasure hunting club thing goes on puzzle solving adventures for "Nanana's" treasures. Nanana being the creator of the island (well the idea of the island I guess) is kind of the center of the entire show but she mostly plays a sideline role. What each episode boils down to is essentially the club finding a new treasure location or progressing certain character arcs. The show never felt slow and due to the great character interactions (more in the 'character' section), made it fun to watch. There are however annoying plot holes left after the season ends...

Animation: 9.4/10

Very good and crisp. The characters always looked so composed and beautiful/handsome. The colors were bright and vibrant, backdrops looked great, action scenes flowed nicely, and the eyes were awesome. Overall a beautiful anime to watch.

Sound: 8/10

The voice actors did an amazing job portraying their virtual counterparts in this anime. The voices seemed to match up very nicely with the personalities of their characters. Music wise I really liked the opening theme and most of the music used in the anime. It set the tone pretty well in almost all moments.

Characters: 7.8/10

This is one of those situations where a few bad apples really ruin the whole batch. Juugo, Nanana, Daruku, and Tensai are the real stars of the show as all of their interactions are a blast to watch. They however cannot make up for the bland Yuu, un-likeable Isshin, and the overpowered and underdeveloped Hiiyo. These three characters unfortunately really brought down the excitement level for me whenever they were present.

Don't get me wrong though most of the scenes are a blast to watch. You think you know a character's true intentions but then something happens that completely blindsides you. It is pretty enjoyable to watch.

Overall: 8.1/10

This was a true treat to watch. The hidden agendas, character interactions, beautiful animation, and tone setting voice performances really made this treasure hunting anime a joy to watch.  

Enjoyment: 9.2/10

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Awesome Drummer

7/10 story
9.4/10 animation
8/10 sound
7.8/10 characters
8.1/10 overall

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